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Horse Tracks 5/22/09


Happy Friday, MHR Friends! While there's not much current Broncos news, it seems all of our old friends are keeping busy. Stay tuned to MHR this afternoon/evening, as I may have something special for you folks! Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

SPT - The Snow Goose, Karl Mecklenburg, spoke at an economic summit in Steamboat Springs, sharing his keys to success and a story about The Greatest Ever. Best Broncos lineman or backer I've seen...12th Rounder!!!!!!!!!

Y! - MJD offers a critical (but fair) analysis of the Broncos' offseason moves.

DP - Dre' Bly signed on with the Niners after the knee injury to CB Walt Harris, and says it was his first time in Northern California...I guess he has blocked out any road games against the Raiders?

PI - Old friend Ephraim Salaam has agreed to a one-year deal with the Lions.

AAN - Brian Griese plans on devoting himself to his incredible charity work once his career is over.

SI - Stefan Fatsis is wondering why Brett Favre can't go out as quietly as Jake Plummer did. Maybe it's because Jake doesn't see himself as the greatest thing ever, sliced bread inclusive, while Brett does.

ESPN - They're loving Jay Cutler in Chicago, who somehow managed to equate the dynamic duo of Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal to his new receivers. Seriously, Jay?

KCS - Here's video of Chefs LB Derrick Johnson talking about the switch to a 3-4 defense and the first-rounders getting themselves signed and into camp.

KCS - Former Iggles SVP Mark Donovan has been named executive vice president and COO of the Chefs.

SDUT - DE Ryon Bingham is hoping for a chance to replace Igor Olshansky in the starting lineup.

SFG - Jokeland signed safety Keith Davis, most recently of the Cowboys.

SFG - Tom Cable explains the Derrick Burgess rumors and talks about the Raiders' changes on defense, with DC John Marshall replacing Rob Ryan.

NFP - The Seahawks signed LB Tony Taylor, most recently of the Falcons.

NFL - Vikings coach Brad Childress is trying to change the channel, but we all know that until September comes, we're all stuck watching the the latest Brett Favre Telethon.

NFL - The Bucs are reportedly interested in WR Plaxico Burress.

NFL - President Obama hosted the Stillers yesterday at the White House.

Y! - Jason Cole is hearing that the case against Donte' Stallworth may not be that strong.

Y! - Josh Peter examines the alarming number of DUIs attributed to NFL players this offseason.

NFP - Mike Lombardi thinks Jacksonville would be a good landing spot for Michael Vick.

NFP - Robert Boland considers Vick's situation from several angles.

FOX - Jeff Legwold thinks the NFL blew it by dissolving NFL Europe.

SI - Ross Tucker looks at the issue of injured players not appearing on their teams' injury reports.

NFP - Matt Bowen thinks a few teams have major problems at WR.

NFL - Vic Carucci looks at the Cardinals' rough offseason.

NFP - Bowen examines the Iggles' offseason.

CBS - Clark Judge thinks Buffalo's fortunes lie within their offensive line.

Y! - Ryan Leaf is making headlines again; no, they're still not good.

NFP - Wes Bunting looks at the top defensive-tackle prospects for the 2010 Draft.

PS. I'd just like to say that this week's debate about the Skins has been eye-opening. I know some of you don't want to be bothered with it, but for all of those that have shared their insight and intellect, what an amazing discussion! Where else in the sports blogosphere could so many people share such dialogue? It's been respectful, educational and thought-provoking. We've all learned so much more about each other, and that is priceless. Personally, I have even more respect for all of you than I had before. You all make MHR a remarkable community and I am proud to be a member here.