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Horse Tracks 5/23/09


Good Morning, MHR! I'm out of town and unfortunately have limited internet access; I actually can only get certain sites here (no DP and no, so Tracks will be abridged over the weekend. I'll share what I can, and we'll be full-go again on Tuesday. My apologies; have a safe and happy weekend!

DB - Here is Broncos TV's one-on-one with TE Richard Quinn.

DP - Jim Armstrong is hearing 7.5 wins for the Broncos from his bookie.

DB - Mark Cooper updates his blog; nothing Broncos-related.

Y! - A federal judge sided with the NFL in the StarCaps case.

Y! - Eric Mangini and Co. are already making friends in Cleveland.

NFP - Mike Lombardi looks at the Niners' offseason.

NFP - Ray Gustini loves Tony Kornheiser but won't miss him on MNF.

NFP - Andrew Brandt talks Favre and Vick. Oh joy.

NFP - Wes Bunting ranks the top senior defensive ends for the 2010 Draft.