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Horse Tracks 5/25/09


Happy Memorial Day, MHR Friends! Naturally, not a whole lot of news today. Many thanks to those who serve or have served; we appreciate all you've done. Have a great holiday; I hope you get perfect weather for the beach, golf (what I'm doing) barbecue, or whatever you're up to!

NFLN - Jared Allen and Larry Fitzgerald made a recent trip to visit our troops in Kuwait; here is Allen's video diary.

NFP - Mike Lombardi reminisced about "The Fumble" from the Browns' perspective in his always excellent Sunday column.

SI - Peter King goes over the week's NFL news in his Monday column.

Scout - Ed Thompson could see Jeff Garcia taking over for JaMarcus the Hutt in short order this season. Among other mentions, Pats RB Laurence Maroney apparently played last season with a broken bone in his shoulder.

PFW - Among PFW's Whispers they're hearing the Broncos could become a power-running team again in 2009. That's okay; we've been "whispering" about this for quite some time now...

SFG - Robert Gallery's cruise to benefit families of the four police officers killed in Oakland is coming up soon.

CBS - Gregg Doyel is disgusted by the Michael Vick coverage.

VTD - Former Broncos WR Michael Young has been named the Dodgers' Chief Revenue Officer.