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Horse Tracks 5/26/09


Good Morning, MHR Friends! I was disappointed to see that my Sunday HT raised the hackles of our self-appointed ombudsmen, so I feel like I should explain myself here. I was not taking a shot at J** C**ler; my problem is with the Chicago writers who are already taking however C**ler said, "...the Broncos’ Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal were relative unknowns before their arrival in Denver," (a paraphrased quote of C**ler from last week's ESPN article) and translating it to "well, the Bears receivers can go from nothing to Pro-Bowlers since Marshall and Royal did so."

First of all, Marshall and Royal were not "relative unknowns" when they arrived in Denver. I knew who they were, and I am no Lee Corso. Any knowledgeable football writer knows that Marshall and Royal are talented in their own right and a comparison to the Bears' current crop of receivers is a stretch. I won't be surprised if the Chicago writers stick with this misconception for quite awhile; I could be wrong, but we'll see. A good look at what I had written on Sunday should show that I wasn't criticizing C**ler, but the writer of the story. That was my intention, at least.

Since I have been labeled a "C**ler Basher" I will quickly share what I think of the guy. He is an ultra-talented QB, and I think he will win a Super Bowl someday. He has the physical skills to be one of the greatest. However, I never liked his attitude in Denver, and when you don't call back the boss you've gotta go. Any player who proves himself bigger than the owner cannot stick around.

As for Mr. C**ler, it was never made clear to me that I was not allowed to link to stories about him. If one were to look back over the last couple months, they would find that I've not cited very many, relative to the large numbers available. I linked to Sunday's article because it went into some detail about Marshall and Royal, who are still Broncos (last I checked). I have also linked to many Jake Plummer and John Elway articles in recent months, so perhaps the ombudsmen should let me know if that's okay. Of course, anyone who doesn't want to read about Jay C**ler can just decide not to click on the links.

Okay, back to the news...

DB - Gray Caldwell profiles Broncos DE Rulon Davis, who shares some memories from his time as a Marine and says his individual goal is to become an All-Rookie selection.

DP - Klis shares an amusing story about CB Alphonso Smith from a history class.

WEEI - Christopher Price thinks LS Lonie Paxton was one of Bill Belichick's greatest finds among undrafted free agents.

DP - The Post's editorial section thinks the judge in the D-Will murder case went too far in banning media coverage of the upcoming trial.

Y! - Charles Robinson writes about Mr. Unmentionable, his new and old receivers, and Kyle Orton. At least Robinson knows who Marshall and Royal are.

NFP - Matt Bowen looks at the current fashion; teams switching to 3-4 fronts.

KCS - Teicher thinks the Chefs already showed great improvement over the course of their latest OTAs.

SFC - Nnamdi Asomugha owes much of his success to Alonzo Carter, his personal trainer since Asomugha's freshman year at Cal.

SI - This sounds pretty awful...the Cowboys hired a "consultant" who had no engineering license to help fortify the structure of their practice bubble, before it collapsed. Oh, and he's an ex-con, to boot.

NFL - Saints TE Jeremy Shockey was treated for dehydration at a Las Vegas hospital over the weekend.

NFL - Dolphins DE Randy Starks was charged with aggravated battery for allegedly pinning a police officer against another vehicle with his truck.

FOX - Alex Marvez shares some thoughts on Shockey, StarCaps, and Aqib Talib's apparent anger issues.

NYT - Toni Monkovic thinks people shouldn't worry so much about the '09 schedule based upon the '08 results. Me, too.

NYT - Judy Battista examines the elimination of the wedge from kick coverage; she quotes Matt Bowen, who thinks returners will possibly find more injuries as a result.

NFP - Andrew Brandt looks at the NFL's latest TV deals and team agreements with state lotteries.

NFP - Wes Bunting evaluates the top senior middle linebackers for the 2010 Draft.