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Horse Tracks 5/28/09


DP - The Broncos released RB J.J. Arrington, who had just been signed over the winter. Arrington requires micro-fracture surgery on his knee and cannot play in 2009. There are no financial ramifications, as Arrington's signing bonus was conditional to his knee's health. For everyone so upset about Denver signing three veteran free-agent RBs and then drafting Knowshon at #12, here is yet another reminder that we're never playing with all of the information; McDaniels and Xanders are, however.

ESPN - Agent Mouthpiece Extraordinaire Len Pasquarelli recaps the release of Arrington and somehow skips the part about J.J. needing micro-fracture surgery.

DB - D.J. Williams practiced yesterday for the first time after offseason shoulder surgery. He says he's happy with his new position (RILB) and thinks he's a perfect fit for it. Article is accompanied by video from D.J.'s presser.

DB - Renaldo Hill also met with the press; he spoke about building team rapport and chemistry, and the need for the secondary to create more turnovers. Broncos TV has video.

DP - LJones profiles long snapper Lonie Paxton, who has tatoos galore.

DP - LJones offers her take on Williams' presser; D.J. blames last year on injuries and "a play here, a play there." Wow, I knew athletes had pride, but...

DP - Let me know if you've heard this tune before; Denver needs to create more turnovers this season. Klis also offers quotes from Hill and Josh Barrett.

FOX - Peter Schrager thinks Denver's acquisition of Andre' Goodman was one of the offseason's best moves.

NFL - Vic Carucci looks at the Broncos, Packers and Chefs and their switch to 3-4 front defenses in a video report. Carucci's article covers defensive changes by other squads.

NFP - Mike Lombardi offers a painful look at Maurice Clarett before and after being drafted by the Broncos.

KCS - As Chefs QB Matt Cassel is yet to sign a long-term deal and is thus playing on a one-year franchise tender for $15 million, Jason Whitlock is already starting to wonder just how wise Cassel's acquisition really was.

NFL - The Cowboys unveiled their new stadium yesterday.

NFL - Julius Peppers has still not signed his franchise tender; nor has he shown up for OTAs.

NFL - The Pats signed former Lions LB Paris Lenon to an undisclosed deal.

NFL - Thomas George lists each team's most vocal leader; to no great surprise, BDawk is the Broncos' entry.

NFP - Jack Bechta says it's not always the players and agents delaying rookie contract signings.

NFL - Pat Kirwan examines a few players facing potential make-or-break years, whatever that means.

Y! - Charles Robinson looks at the single-season records that would potentially fall in an expanded regular season.

NFP - Matt Bowen looks at the top-10 dual-threat running backs around the league. Hopefully, Knowshon will be on next year's list...

NFP - Andrew Brandt shares some thoughts on Clarett, Sonia Sotomayor, Anquan Boldin and Tom Brady.

TIME - Time Magazine considers the health of NFL linemen.

NYT - K.C. Joyner isn't so sure that HC Mike Singletary will succeed in San Fran.

NFP - Matt Bowen goes over the Giants' offseason.

SI - Ross Tucker examines Iggles tackle Jon Runyan's desire to keep playing through injuries, and the selective enforcement of tampering rules by the NFL.

ESPN - Jeffery Chadiha profiles Texans RB Steve Slaton.

NFP - Wes Bunting looks at the top cornerback prospects for the 2010 Draft.