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Horse Tracks 5/31/09


DP - Klis interviews Josh McDaniels and several players about installing the new head coach's playbook, the work involved and what we can expect to see on Sundays.

DB - Mike Rice shares transcript from his interview with Alphonso Smith, who says he played in a similar defensive system at Wake Forest to the one Mike Nolan will run in Denver.

IS - Here's an excellent profile of Ryan Clady, who was back in Idaho for a charity hoops game and to offer some football instruction at a youth camp.

ESPN - Brandon Marshall just finished telling his side of the story on Outside The Lines. The show will be replayed on ESPN at 3pm EST each weekday.

DP - I don't know if this guy is an MHR member; but any of us who think we are the biggest Broncos fan around need to consider James Owen's story.

NFL - DeMaurice Smith and the NFLPA are hoping for the support of retired players in the upcoming CBA talks with owners.

ESPN - The Rams franchise reportedly may go up for sale soon.

Y! - Will the Vikings run the Wildcat with Percy Harvin?

NYT - Eric Mangini has had something of a rough arrival in Cleveland.