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Horse Tracks 5/5/09


CST - The Sun-Times checks in with their old QB (and our new one), Kyle Orton.

DP - Klis responds to emails; basically the same questions, concerns and complaints we've seen here on MHR about the Broncos' draft. Klis offers some insightful and patient answers, although he perpetuates the misconception that Denver traded two third-rounders for Richard Quinn. They did not; the Broncos traded the two three's for a two and a four. So, they moved down into the fourth round for the right to move up into the second round. Got it?

DP - Totally missed this, but LJones linked to some great YouTube clips of Knowshon Moreno, Robert Ayers and Alphonso Smith last week.

SFG - Plenty of folks are questioning the Raiders' decision to draft S Mike Mitchell in the second round.

SFG - There's some confusion and mystery regarding Oakland's UDFA signings.

NFL - As expected, the Stillers released LB Larry Foote. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to care about going to another top-notch organization like Denver; he wants to go home to Detroit.

NFL - QB John Beck signed with the Ravens, reuniting him with the coach who drafted him in Miami, Cam Cameron.

NFL - The Redskins signed former Titans WR Roydell Williams.

Y! - The Cards signed OT Oliver Ross, who missed the last two seasons with injuries.

Y! - The Seahawks signed FB David Kirtman.

Y! - The Jets signed free agent DT Anthony Harris and UDFA TE Jack Simmons.

Y! - The Jags signed UDFAs DT Nader Abdallah and CB Mesphin Forrester.

SI - Michael McCann looks ahead to the Cowboys' looming legal issues after their practice bubble collapsed.

NFL - Bus Cook must be loving this...Pat Kirwan looks at the pros and cons of yet another Brett Favre comeback. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FOX - Alex Marvez thinks Favre is coming back, among other stories.

CBS - UPDATE 10:07AM - Here's an excellent column from Gregg Doyel calling out the remaining Brett Favre fans and ripping apart both Favre and Bus Cook. Thanks to jack_ for the link!

ESPN - John Clayton looks at how some rookies fared in their first mini-camps. He mentions Everette Brown positively and notes that Carolina traded a 2010 first-rounder to choose him in the second round. Somehow, the fate of trading future 1's for current 2's does not rest on this trade; it rests solely on the Broncos' deal!

TSN - Dennis Dillon also looks at rookies who looked good at their respective mini-camps, including some props for Alphonso Smith.

ESPN - Clayton responds to some emails, including a poor defense of his panning of Josh McDaniels (although it was a great email...sounds like an MHR member!).

NFP - Wes Bunting looks at the fifth-round selections that stood out in his mind.

NFP - Jack Bechta says now that the draft and UDFA-signings are over, player agents can take it a little easier. Sort of like May for accountants.

NFP - Andrew Brandt looks at Leroy Hill's new contract and how the Seahawks' selection of Aaron Curry and Hill's choice not to sign his franchise tender hurt him financially.

NFP - Matt Bowen wonders if Anquan Boldin is worth the big bucks.

NFL - Vic Carucci lists some rookies who will push veterans out of starting jobs, including Knowshon Moreno.

NFP - Matt Bowen compares the new situations for QBs Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez.

NFL - Bucky Brooks evaluates the NFC South teams' drafts.

CBS - Pete Prisco has Denver sitting at #25 in his power rankings.

FOX - Could Tim Tebow run the Wildcat offense in the NFL?