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Horse Tracks 5/8/09


DP - The Broncos have added RB Darius Walker, the former Notre Dame standout and Houston Texan. Walker also spent time with the Rams last year.

DP - John Lynch says the Broncos are moving in the right direction, specifically with the hiring of Josh McDaniels and signing of Brian Dawkins.

ESPN - John Clayton offers his list of the 10 teams with the best offseason moves. You'll be shocked; Denver is not on the list! Of course, Clayton does reserve a paragraph to take shots at the Broncos and McDaniels. I'm not sure when he became a Broncos-hater, but these last few weeks he's been rough on them. Maybe Shanny used to be more forthcoming with information than McD?

KCS - The worst-kept secret of the AFC West is out - the Chefs will run a 3-4 defensive front, at least some of the time. Stop the presses!!!!!

SFG - Jokeland starts a mini-camp today, and David White points to a few things to look out for.

NFL - Contrary to Peter King's report, Marvin Harrison said through his agent yesterday that he plans to play football in 2009.

NFL - Brett Favre is staying retired. So says Bus Cook. Or, wait - maybe he's coming back. Who knows? (Puke). This is surely not the last of it...

Y! - Mike Silver agrees: don't fall asleep on this idiot, or he'll be un-retired and re-retired again before you know it.

Y! - In a rare player-for-player deal, the Rams traded RB Brian Leonard to the Bungles for DT Orien Harris.

NFL - WR Keary Colbert re-signed with the Lions. Anyone who can keep track of this guy gets a gold star. He was on Detroit?!?!

NFL - Cowboys PK Nick Folk had hip surgery and will miss 8-12 weeks.

Y! - The Dolphins are naming their new field Landshark Stadium, as part of a new partnership with singer Jimmy Buffett.

ESPN - Elizabeth Merrill profiles NFL referee Ed Hochuli, and of course looks at The Call and how it affected Hochuli's year.

NFP - Andrew Brandt examines the front office viewpoint on player contracts, while Matt Bowen provides a look from the player's side.

NFP - Bowen makes some early predictions on how the 2008 playoff teams will fare.

NFP - Wes Bunting looks ahead, ranking the top-20 prospects for the 2010 NFL Draft.

NFL - So does Bucky Brooks, who ranks his top-16 senior prospects.