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MHR Radio Returns!!! 7PM est

Come join us for another edition of MHR Radio, tonight at 7PM, over at BlogTalkRadio!

There are advantages to moving the show to BTR.  I can take callers.  The archival of shows is much easier.  Those are a couple.  One downside is you'll have to go to the BTR website to listen and chat.

You can find us HERE!  Do it now, and subscribe to the Podcast if you can't make it.  All of that can be done on the show page.

In the meantime, tell your friends, post it on message boards.  Do whatever it takes, because any and every Broncos fan should love talking and chatting about the Denver Broncos for 2 hours!!

Have any questions or comments for the show?  Email me at

IMPORTANT!!!  You must register in order to comment...Please get there early and set up an account.  There will not be an embedded player here for yout o chat!