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Horse Tracks 6/12/09

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DB - Three Players Waived
The Broncos waived undrafted signees OT Marcus Gordon, LB Braxton Kelley and WR Travis Shelton.

DP - Broncos expect WR Marshall to show up
No direct confirmation from BMarsh or his agent, but Klis says the Broncos are expecting the WR to be present today for minicamp.

TSN - Lack of coordination? Not for Patriots' offense
Albert Breer considers how the loss of Josh McDaniels will affect the Patsies.

PPP - Commentary: Dolphins and their rivals have a rich history of talking trash
Some classic quotes from Shannon Sharpe about the Dolphins after their meeting in the 1998 Playoffs. Always fun to revisit...

CBS4 - Former Broncos Receiver Rod Smith Helps Out Students Who Lost Japan Trip

NH - Browns minicamp: Foster hoping he can catch on
George Foster is trying his luck with the Brownies. Reading this article, I actually kind of feel bad for the guy...

WWL - Kristian: Will the Bell ring for Saints in 2009?
Mike Bell is hoping to stick with the Aints as their third-down back.

NFLN - NFL Videos: 32 in 32: Kansas City Chiefs

NFLN - NFL Videos: New Chief in town
Matt Cassel opens up about his time spent in New England and how it will translate to wins in KC.

KCS - Competition tight for Gonzalez’s old job
Kent Babb examines the Chefs' TE situation.

SDUT - Turner believes that his players are primed
Yes, Norv - they're primed for another underachieving year under your tutelage...

SDUT - "Cat comes to Chargers Park"
The Dolts practiced some plays out of the Wildcat yesterday, just like everyone else...

SDUT - (Vincent) Jackson loses ruling in court

SDUT - Attorney: Leaf to turn himself in

NFL - Vikings' Childress admits calling Favre last week, tells media to 'stay tuned'

Y! - AP source: Eagles give McNabb $5.3 million raise
Contrary to rumors of an extension, the Iggles have given Donovan McNabb more money and more guarantees over the next two years.

NFL - Grossman poised to compete for Texans’ No. 2 QB job

NFL - Philly port official: Cowboys knew of other failed canopies built by Summit

NFL - Browns' Dawson, Jackson, Cribbs arrive at camp still seeking new deals

Y! - Jets, Sanchez begin inevitably rocky union
Just wait until Sanchez gets a taste of the NY media and Jets fans (the worst in sports; trust me) after he loses a preseason game.

NFP - The Value Of The Sanchez Deal - Matt Bowen

SI - Brett Favre, Jim Caldwell, Ron Turner in no-win situations - John Mullin

NFP - Who Are The QBs On The Hot Seat? - Matt Bowen

ESPN - Ultimate Building Blocks
The ESPN bloggers look at the top players in the NFC.

ESPN - Darren McFadden and Maurice Jones-Drew are among the NFL's potential breakout offensive players
Everyone's favorite egghead (Clayton) looks at players who could have big years in '09.

CBS - Pass-master Brees lacks only one element on elite QB chart

NFP - The NFL Should Watch The NHL - Robert Boland

NFL - Tebow is head of class among top college senior QB prospects - Gil Brandt

NFP - 2009 NFP Scouting Series: Tennessee