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Horse Tracks 6/14/09


DB - Orton Set to Start
Josh McDaniels named Kyle Orton the Broncos' starting quarterback, also stating the entire offensive playbook has been installed. A report for Broncos TV by Chris Hall accompanies the article by Zach Eisendrath.

DB - McDaniels:'Kyle's the starter' - Broncos TV
Josh McDaniels meets with reporters after practice. In addition to his announcement that Kyle Orton is the starter, McDaniels answers questions about Brandon Marshall (no new developments).

DB - Minicamp: Day Two
Gray Caldwell has notes from practice; a lot of work on creating and preventing turnovers, some big plays out of Knowshown Moreno, and Tim Crowder working at OLB.

DB - Saturday: Orton - Audio
Here is the audio-only recording from Kyle Orton meeting with the press yesterday. Orton says there's always pressure in the NFL, whether you're a starter or a backup.

DB - Saturday: Simms - Audio
Chris Simms reminds everyone he signed as a backup, and is grateful for having a shot at the starting position. He's also glad the press won't (hopefully) be speculating about who the starter will be over the next month and a half. Of course, this now renders moot John Clayton's pronouncement that the Cutler trade would receive a "demerit" from him if Simms were to be the starter ahead of Orton, the guy the Broncos traded Cutler to get. Have at it, Self-Proclaimed Ombudsmen; but really this shows how pointless Clayton's writing was...

DB - Photo Gallery from Saturday's Practice

DP - Broncos' pick for starting QB: Orton
Klis chimes in on McDaniels' announcement.

DP - Paige: Winning job easier than keeping it
Woody reminds us how tentative the starting QB position has been since The Greatest Ever hung 'em up. Woodrow is impressed by Jabar Gaffney and Nate Swift, for whatever that's worth.

CSG - Ramsey: Marshall has proving to do before he gets big money
David Ramsey points out that BMarsh hasn't gotten into the end zone enough to be considered a superstar yet; he's absolutely correct.

ADG - LIKE IT IS : Summer camps keep ex-Hog Hillis on the run
Peyton Hillis checks in with his hometown paper; he sounds excited to play in Josh McDaniels' offense.

ET - Brian Dawkins says the pain of leaving Philadelphia Eagles is gone for good
BDawk is back in Pennsylvania for a charity golf classic; Nick Fierro talks with him about his time in Philly, becoming a Bronco, and the Cutler trade.

DP - Moreno making move to catch some attention
Notes on practice from Jones and Klis.

FOX - Nine signings that GMs will regret the most
John Czarnecki counts Andre' Goodman and Brian Dawkins among the most questionable free-agent signings of the offseason.

NFL - Broncos coach McDaniels tabs Orton for starting quarterback
The AP report on the Orton announcement, plus video from NFL Network (nothing new there).

PFW - Overrated, underrated available head coaches
Ouch. Dan Parr calls Shanny overrated and Marty underrated. I suppose one can't really separate Shanny's work as a personnel man from his coaching; I'll submit he never stopped doing a great job of coaching; his personnel gambles backfired over the past decade, though.

BG - Additions toughen division
Mike Reiss of The Globe talks shop with A.J. Smith's biggest fan (A.J. Smith).

SDUT - Chargers' talent can cause a quandary
Classic A.J. Smith - the Dolts' egomaniac GM calls his players "marquee" and "great" - and of course he's the genius who brought them in and will prove his brilliance when he figures out how to keep them around.

SFG - Raiders Silver and Black Blog : Drawing to a close
David White looks at the players who've made their marks so far in practice, and the ones who are trailing.

KCS - Chiefs coach Haley not the type to take it easy on his team
Todd Haley is already ripping his players new ones on a regular basis.

NFP - Sunday At The Post
In his stellar Sunday column, Mike Lombardi says the BMarsh situation is purely about the contract.

PFW - Whispers — league wrap-up
Here's what Pro Football Weekly is hearing around the league.

Y! - League flooded with new defensive coordinators
Mike Wilkening of PFW looks around at the league's nineteen new DCs.

NFLN - NFL Videos: 32 in 32: Cleveland Browns

NFLN - NFL Videos: Top 10 offenses
NFL Total Access counts down the top 10 offenses in NFL history. The 1998 Broncos did not make the cut...

NFP - 2009 NFP Scouting Series: Buffalo & Kent State