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Horse Tracks 6/17/09 - 500 Stories on Brandon Marshall (almost)


Mornin' MHR Friends! More fun stories on BMarsh today - unfortunately, NFP was not accessible yesterday morning as they switched over to a new format; so we'll catch up on their Monday columns too (some on BMarsh).

DB - Learning by Watching
Gray Caldwell profiles Broncos rookie QB Tom Brandstater, who is relying upon "mental reps" to learn Josh McDaniels' offense. Naturally, Kyle Orton and Chris Simms are taking most of the snaps. Brandstater appreciates studying under two different teachers (McDaniels and Mike McCoy).

BMarshall #15 " Clearing the Air…
Surely you've read the quote already, but here is BMarsh's blog entry on his website. He writes like his departure from Denver is all but assured...

DP - McDaniels: Dialogue part of Marshall plan
Mixed messages are coming out of the BMarsh situation - Marshall and his agent are saying that Pat Bowlen said the Broncos would try to trade the wide receiver, while Josh McDaniels says Denver would like to keep Marshall. Wasn't this supposed to be the quiet part of the offseason?

NFL - Marshall confirms meeting with Bowlen, alludes to trade request
Rich Eisen, Solomon Wilcots and Charles Davis consider the newest drama in Denver. Naturally, Wilcots continues to call the Broncos' 2008 offense the second-best in the league and labels Marshall as "already gone". Davis, of course, sticks with the facts and is not yet ready to pass judgment. In the upper-right corner, Eisen speaks briefly with Mike Lombardi, who says Denver has all of the leverage.

DP - Special-teamer green let go
If you hadn't heard, Denver released LB Louis Green (not Greene). At least the DP spelled his name correctly this morning - I mean, when your job is to cover the Broncos...

SI - Brandon Marshall, Plaxico Burress, Brett Favre, more NFL mailbag - Peter King
PK thinks Denver may have to put their collective foot down with BMarsh, if only to set a precedent.

Y! - Marshall goes wrong way on Cutler Highway
Mike Silver thinks BMarsh is handling his current situation poorly and expects the Broncos will end up trading him. Silver also reminds us that if Dwayne Bowe had held onto that onside kick on 12/14, maybe Shanny/Cutler/BMarsh are all still here. Of course, then we'd just still be living the lie and on our way to another .500-or-so season...with Bob Slowik running the defense.

NFP - Broncos don't need the distraction
Matt Bowen thinks a protracted holdout from BMarsh would have a negative impact in the Broncos' locker room.

NFP - Diner morning news: the Brandon Marshall saga
Mike Lombardi says BMarsh slipped to the 4th round and Denver in 2006 thanks to his off-field behavior, and he thinks this tiger will never change his stripes.

NFP - Why the Broncos chose Orton
Now that Denver has actually named Kyle Orton the starter, Matt Bowen says he knew Orton would win the job all where was this column last month?

OSB - Simms is a backup again, what a shocker
I'm not sure what Chris Simms did to elicit these feelings from Florida, but Dwight Collins has never been very impressed by the QB.

CBS - Broncos' offseason of upheaval is uplifting for Chargers
Wow. Clark Judge recaps the AFC West offseason, panning the Broncos for every decision they've made thus far. I mean EVERY decision.

CBS - Stars' trek out of Denver might be caused by alienation from coach
Mike Freeman seems to think Josh McDaniels is running his players out of town...

DN - The Breakdown: Top two Broncos look more like first-rate donkeys
Bryce Evans is not pleased with the job Josh McDaniels and Brian Xanders have done so far.

BS - Marshall gets Ravens-receiver rumor mill churning again
More speculation out of Baltimore regarding Brandon Marshall and the Ravens.

KCS - Haley ends Chiefs’ offseason practice early, pleased with team’s progress - Kansas City Star

NFP - Just follow the money
Andrew Brandt thinks the only reason Brett Favre is not yet a Viking is because of the money - not his shoulder or anything else.

NFP - A blind eye
Jack Bechta shares a tremendous story about his childhood team (the Iggles) and a client (Jermane Newberry), and how they all teamed up to provide a crucial service to the local community (free vision care for children).

NFP - Sanchez signing: win-win
Robert Boland praises the Mark Sanchez signing.

NFL - AFC East smackdown: Is June too soon to light a fire?
Vic Carucci considers Rex Ryan's trash talk.

NFL - Six special players who are challenging 'Father Time'
Pat Kirwan looks at a few guys whose careers have extended farther than anyone could have expected.

NFP - The impact players: AFC South - Matt Bowen

CBS - Instant preview: Games with growing intrigue factors
Judge is looking forward to the Bears at Broncos in the preseason. Really.

NFP - 2009 NFP scouting series: USC

NFP - 2009 NFP scouting series: Oregon State