Smart football blog on Brandon Marshall trade situation.

I don't mean to club BM's topic to dead after Guru's articles and numerous MHR's readers comments but Chris at Smart football blog has a good thought on the BM situation, so I thought it may entertain our Bronco's fans especially the works here are slow on Friday regardless the status of the economy. For those who are not aware of Chris's Smart Football Blog, his works are very highly thoughtful, well presented analytically, logically and technically (Xs & Os) and might be a good addition to MHR's readers.

Deal or No Deal and the incoherent views of "trade value"

Notable quote

"The upshot is that "trade value" should not be confused with the maximum possible upside. Yes, Marshall has big upside, but all the risks surrounding him bring that value down, just as it does for Plaxico, Pacman Jones, Vick, T.O., or even guys on the total straight and narrow who are an injury risk. Just because a player might be great, or has the potential to be great, does not necessarily make their trade value better than another player. There's a difference between upside and realistic expectation."

With the realistic expectation in place, Bronco should trade him if some clubs offer 1st round draft pick but the hardest choice would be an offer of 2nd round draft pick (as in Chris's comment). If that is the case, should you just trade him with 2nd round draft pick or have forced him to play with his current contract?

Your thoughts?

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