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Horse Tracks 6/2/09

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Mornin' MHR Friends! So, it seems the MSM is now going to take the DP's report from Thursday's camp that Chris Simms got more reps than Kyle Orton in one single practice and take it to mean that Simms is beating Orton in the QB competition. Of course, this now means the Cutler trade was even worse than everyone said it was! Unleash the hounds! Fire McDaniels! Fire Xanders! Commissioner Goodell should remove Pat Bowlen from ownership! Umm, it's June 2nd, folks...we're about 2 months from seeing a depth chart and 3 months from Week 1.

Broncos' Marshall has quick trip - The Denver Post
Kennard McGuire, the agent for Brandon Marshall, downplayed last week's report that BMarsh was in Florida due to his contract demands. According to McGuire, the issue is over Marshall's medical health. Remember, Marshall said last week that he had several MRIs last season that turned up negative.

Hip Injuries Bringing More Athletes to Their Knees -
Here's an interesting article addressing the rise of hip injuries, which relates to BMarsh; medical experts and trainers have seen a steep increase in hip injuries this season, even among superstar players, and have yet to determine the exact reasons behind the trend.

Mailbag: Draw from Nuggets' model - The Denver Post
Klis responds to some reader emails. He thinks Commissioner Goodell is waiting for BMarsh's Atlanta case to proceed before making a decision on Marshall's 2009 fate.

Denver Broncos Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall Responds To Accusations On ESPN's Outside The Lines -
Reggie Rivers offers his take on BMarsh on CBS4.

Lions cut OT Foster, clearing a roster spot for veteran Jansen
George Foster. Two of my teams have had disastrous George Foster experiments. The first one called the Mets organization racist for benching him, and the other one needs no introduction here...

NFL: John Clayton examines the Denver Broncos' offseason and answers some mail - ESPN
Clayton now says "the Broncos gave up Cutler to get" Kyle Orton. Right. Just because the DP said Simms was pushing Orton in May... Xanders: Hey, what'll it take to make Orton a Bronco? Angelo: How about Jay Cutler? Xanders: Done.

Matthew Stafford, Drew Brees, Matt Millen, more NFL notes - Peter King -
P. King references a recent conversation he had with Gary Zimmerman. He also addresses the inexpensive release of J.J. Arrington and the folks who flipped out upon hearing about it, in his Monday column. Plus, Stink's kid made his MLB debut. Baseball fans MUST read PK's re-telling of the BC vs. Texas game.






Team has hatched grand plans to signify its 50th season
The Dolts announced how they will commemorate their 50 years of ZERO Super Bowl Titles. In case you forgot, the Dolts have 7 HOFers as compared to Denver's 2. With ZERO Championships.

"Greatest moments list" by Chargers Blog
Here are the "greatest" moments in Dolts history. Note: there are no Super Bowl titles to find here, either.

Chiefs adjust to new roles in new defense - Kansas City Star
The Chefs' transition to a new scheme is resulting in position changes for several players, just as is happening in Denver.

Former Cowboys defensive coordinator Stewart joins Eagles as assistant
The Iggles hired former Cowboys DC Brian Stewart as special assistant to the defense.

Vikings cut WR Rogers
The Vikings cut receiver Roderick Rogers on Monday. Yes, it's the same guy who played safety for the Broncos.

NFL commissioner Goodell doesn't have target date to finish new labor deal
Headed into contact talks with the players' union, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Monday that there is no timetable to reach a new agreement.

The National Football Post | Players Solidly Behind New Union Leader
Michael Martinez looks at Wednesday's commencement of labor talks for a new CBA.

Cardinals GM Graves planning to meet with Boldin's new agent soon
According to Cards GM Rod Graves, Anquan Boldin has hired agent Tom Condon to replace Drew Rosenhaus.

Report: Tennessee Titans' Vince Young wants to play or move on - ESPN
Vince Young reportedly wants to play or leave Tennessee.

NFL - NFL offseason winners, losers and awards - FOX Sports on MSN
Alex Marvez dumps the Broncos among the offseason's biggest losers and claims that Josh McDaniels' grace period is over. He also jumps on the "Orton may lose out to Simms" Bandwagon. No, I think we're going to actually wait to see the depth chart and some games first...

Packers in early stages of transition to 3-4 - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Charles Robinson looks at how the 3-4 transition is affecting the Packers' defensive holdovers.

The National Football Post | Harvin Will Be Dynamic In 2009
Matt Bowen sees big results out of Percy Harvin this season.

The National Football Post | Diner Morning News: Vick & The Rams
Mike Lombardi thinks signing Mike Vick would make football sense for the Rams.

June 1: Kroenke is Best Hope for St. Louis Rams | Bernie’s 5 Minutes | STLtoday
Bernie Miklasz thinks Stan Kroenke would be the potential new owner who'd keep the Rams in St. Loo, if he can get around the cross-ownership rules.

Williams' revamped defense might be Saints' return ticket to postseason
Bucky Brooks thinks new Saints DC Gregg Williams could help New Orleans make the playoffs.

The National Football Post | Time To Give Stafford The Ball
Matt Bowen thinks Matt Stafford should be the Lions' starting QB Week 1.

The National Football Post | Monday Money Matters
Andrew Brandt explains what used to happen with the salary cap on June 1st's gone by.

The National Football Post | You’re Fired!
Jack Bechta shares what it's like for an agent to be fired by a player.

Quiet statement - The Boston Globe
Arena Ball DB Martel Van Zant is hoping to follow the footsteps of former Bronco Kenny Walker and be the third deaf player to reach the NFL.

The National Football Post | 2009 NFP Scouting Series: Ole Miss
Wes Bunting looks to Ole Miss for 2010 Draft prospects.