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Horse Tracks - 6/20 - More on Brandon Marshall as we head into the dead of summer



A light news day, unless you'd like 25 links to articles with witty titles concerning Brandon Marshall reporting to HIS OWN camp.  I didn't think so.  Oh, and no worries NYC will be back Monday, so you only have to put up with me doing HT for a couple of days!  It does feel good to be back in the saddle!

Denver Broncos' Brandon Marshall declines to talk about holdout at youth camp - ESPN
More of the same regarding Brandon. Some of his quotes are classic, however....

Armstrong: A reality check for B-Marsh - The Denver Post
Armstrong: A reality check for B-Marsh

Take a pass -
T he Ravens have brought in their share of troubled players in the past, but none would have had more run-ins with the law than if the Ravens trade for Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

WR mum on camp plans - The Denver Post
Brandon Marshall enjoys the last day of his football camp before heading back to Orlando. He wouldn't say what his plans are for Training Camp