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Horse Tracks 6/22/09 - Nine Minutes with Solomon Wilcots. OUCH.


Good Morning, MHR! I'm back from Bethpage, as my wife and I spent a couple of days trudging through the mud. Definitely wish we could go back for the finish instead of work! Oh, well. For all the masochists out there, Wilcots spends nine more minutes ripping Josh McDaniels into shreds; have fun with that one. Look, there's nothing wrong with criticism, but it's the same tired old tune - and it's a really loud one, too.

DB - A Rookie Field Trip
Twelve Broncos rookies went along with Denver legend Billy Thompson to visit the Broncos Boys & Girls Club on Friday. Gray Caldwell shares stories from the trip and quotes from Chris Baker, Britton Colquitt and others.

NFLN - NFL Videos: 32 in 32: Denver Broncos
Why, oh why does the Network have to send Solomon Wilcots up to analyze the Broncos for nine minutes? More shouting about Josh McDaniels and morale. Wilcots shows film of Cutler and Orton throwing on the run. Every Orton throw is rolling to his left, while Cutler's throws are mostly rolling right. Look, Wilcots - we know Cutler has the stronger arm, but that's obnoxious. He even goes on to say that McDaniels' arm is weaker than all of the Patriots' guys, including Matt Cassel. Wow, that was a painful watch.

SI - Derrick Brooks, Warren Sapp, Vince Young in Monday Morning QB - Peter King
PK thinks the Broncos cannot afford to show their players they can complain their way onto another team (second page).

NFP - Sunday at the Post
Lombardi thinks the Broncos need to hang onto BMarsh, as they cannot get equal value due to his off-field issues.

PFW - Broncos have leverage in Marshall stalemate

NFLN - NFL Videos: There's a new man in charge
The league's new coaches, and the challenges they face. You'll never guess what the McDaniels talk centers around...okay, maybe you will.

SDUT - Draft pick Hughes signed

SDUT - Oceanside Chargers bid seems intriguing

KCS - As training camp approaches, Chiefs’ O-line answers seem far away

KCS - Chiefs waive four players, opening the door to seek upgrades

PFW - Raiders' Huff must shape up quickly

NFL - Players still getting used to Haley's fiery style of coaching

NFP - Something seems amiss in Stallworth case - Andrew Brandt

NFL - Stallworth's situation can offer league path to help educate players - Thomas George

Y! - Real reason behind T.O.'s exit from Dallas - Mike Silver

NFL - An explosive offense makes the Texans '09 playoff contenders - Bucky Brooks

SI - NFL offseason free time can make or break players - Ross Tucker

NFP - Summer: a time for rest-and work - Matt Bowen

NFP - Cracking the agent business - Jack Bechta

NFP - 2009 NFP scouting series: San Jose State