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Horse Tracks 6/23/09 - They're dreaming of BMarsh in Chi-town

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DB - BTV Exclusive: Running Red Rocks - Broncos TV
20 Broncos players went to Red Rocks last week for a grueling workout. Chris Hall reports and offers footage and interviews. Newest Bronco WR Brandon Lloyd even made the trip, just after being signed.

DB - A Change of Scenery
Here is Gray Caldwell's accompanying article.

NFP - The Impact Players: AFC West
Matt Bowen thinks much of the Broncos' pass rush in 2009 will depend upon Robert Ayers. Interestingly, Bowen says he expects Kyle Orton to run Josh McDaniels' offense just fine.

DP - Moss: Atwater a big hitter even in retirement
Irv Moss checks in with the Smiling Assassin. Atwater covers all the bases, including his hit on the Nigerian Nightmare, the Super Bowl victories, leaving Denver for the Jets (puke), and Denver defenders getting snubbed by the HOF.

DDN - Broncos are broke
Gil Whiteley speculates that potential financial problems for Pat Bowlen could be another issue keeping BMarsh from getting paid.

SI - Brandon Marshall, Plaxico Burress further diva stereotype for WRs
Don Banks looks at the NFL's wide receivers and wonders, "What's with these guys?!"

MDH - Marshall would be fine in Bears' uniform
Someone at the Morris Daily Herald wants BMarsh to come and feel the Illinoise.

NNDP - Chicago QB Jay Cutler would be happy to throw to former Denver teammate Brandon Marshall again

SB - Hometown Report: One-sport prep athletes miss out
Lonie Paxton was back in Sacramento to accept a donation for his charity.

NFP - Real Fake People: Al Davis
Ray Gustini offers a HILARIOUS post written as if he were (shudder) Al Davis. Must read, folks.

NFL - (DT La'Roi) Glover retires after 13 seasons, six trips to the Pro Bowl

FOX - Goodell facing groundbreaking NFL rulings
Alex Marvez loves Oakland's acquisition of Greg Ellis. Meanwhile, the Chefs have lost a lot of collective weight in Todd Haley's new workout program.

NFL - Stay-cation: No time for summer break for these guys
Vic Carucci counts the Denver front office among those who are not exactly experiencing a summer lull.

Y! - Cowboys face bittersweet start in $1.1B palace
Mike Silver shares a lot of emails from the DP message boarders about Brandon Marshall, apparently.

NFP - Diner morning news: Childress & the Vikings - Mike Lombardi

NFP - No handouts in Detroit - Matt Bowen

NFP - Opening the books - Andrew Brandt

CBS - Diamonds in the rough: D rookies on faster track
Rob Rang counts Alphonso Smith among the rookie defenders he's got the highest expectations for.

ESPN - With a healthy Carson Palmer and a focused Chad Ochocinco, the Cincinnati Bengals could surprise
Anyone want to read Clayton's mailbag?

NFLN - NFL Videos: 32 in 32: Houston Texans

NFP - 2009 NFP scouting series: Iowa State