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Horse Tracks 6/8/09


LCD - Peyton's wild ride
Peyton Hills' hometown paper profiles and interviews the second-year Bronco. Hillis discusses his recovery from his hamstring injury, adjusting to the new offense, and trying to initiate a little bit less contact.

Denver Daily - Saccomano has seen it all
Joshua Wolpe profiles longtime Broncos PR boss Jim Saccomano, who reflects upon his 30+ years with the team.

DP - Advertising logos on unis? Broncos alter their practice
Sounds like the Broncos are going to slap corporate logos on their practice jerseys and team up with the state lottery. Times are tough...

DP - Awards roll in for voice of CU football
Dusty Saunders profiles old friend Larry Zimmer.

SDUT - A fallen star's burnout
Brent Schrotenboer profiles the late Chris Mims, the fifth member of the '94 Dolts team that made the Super Bowl to have since passed. Unreal.

KCS - Chiefs’ secondary has gone through its growing pains

KCS - Todd Haley recaps Chiefs minicamp (Video)

NFL - Report: Favre had surgery on throwing shoulder, still considering return
Here we go; the next chapter in the Favre drama is here! (puke)

ESPN - Ex-Indianapolis Colts coaches to start as consultants Aug. 1
Howard Mudd and Tom Moore will be "involved big time," according to Colts owner Jim Irsay.

SI - A USO guest list for the ages, Harrison unplugged and more - Peter King
PK talks with The Dirtiest Player In History, recaps a rough week for Stink's kid.

NFP - Sunday At The Post
Mike Lombardi is hearing good things out of Denver about Kyle Orton and Chris Simms.

NFL - Fullbacks continue to fight off blockers, extinction in modern NFL
Bucky Brooks examines the relevance of fullbacks in today's game.

CBS - Redefining Reggie: Bush isn't just another back
Pete Prisco thinks we all need to look at Reggie Bush in a different light.