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Objectivity vs. Kool-Aid, What it means to be a Broncos Fan

Sports are a funny thing.  Few things in life generate the passion that being a true-blue fan of a team does.  Doesn't matter if it is college or pro; engross yourself in the fandom and watch out, strange things will happen.

Noticeably or not (the latter preferred) I have been hiding in the weeds here at MHR.  There are several 'real' reasons for that; time constraints and the like.  There are also underlying reasons, reasons I didn't fully understand until recently.  More on that later.  What motivated me to jump back into the fray was a couple of comments I had read about the site, both here and elsewhere.  You see, Broncos fans, you all here are too damn positive about the Broncos.  Yep, that's what other 'Broncos fans' think. 

They say we're a cult.  That whatever I say, and the other contributors, you'll follow.  You 'drink the kool-aid' and come back and ask for more. 

At this point I will only talk for myself, because talking for the other contributors wouldn't be right.  I'm sure they will chime in with their own thoughts about this in the comments, if they'd like.

I'm a realist.  I know what the Broncos are, and I know what they can be.  I predicted the team would go 8-8 last year, with just as easy a chance to go 10-6 or 6-10.  I was very, very critical of Jay Cutler as a quarterback, as anyone who listened to MHR Radio can attest to, and I thought this offseason would be the time to shake things up a bit (my suggestion back in October was to investigate trading Champ Bailey).  I was wrong about Bailey, but things at Dove Valley definitely were shaken up a bit.


Because I am a realist, I have an ability to let events roll off of me, so to speak.  I am always in a state of preparedness for anything that comes my way.  I have gotten better at it since starting MHR, now going on three years ago.  All that said, the 2008 season and the following offseason have been the toughest ever for me as a Broncos fan.  We have been on the defensive since Week 2, when the Hochuli fiasco brought the Broncos under attack.  Then the losing streak to knock the Broncos out of the playoffs.  The firing of Shanny, the hiring of McDaniels, the Cutler shenanigans.  Individually, each of those events would be hard on a fan base.  We had to take on each one, head on, within a 6-month time frame.

I'll be honest; it all put my mind in a fog that I was hard-pressed to come out of.  There are probably readers here right now wondering who the hell I am?!  Again, preferred, since this site is about you, not me.  All of which makes these recent attacks more laughable to me.  Mile High Report takes on the personality you provide it, not mine.

We appreciate all voices, from Mike Clark's La-La-Land to the realists like me that believe the road will be much tougher as the Broncos rebuild their roster.  I'm as critical as anyone of the Broncos, but it is hard for me to criticize moves I agree with.  The time HAD come for Mike Shanahan to move on, and the Jay Cutler move, in my mind, was a move that had to be made because I don't believe the guy wanted to be a Denver Bronco.  These are my opinions, and this is my site, so I will express them, but never would I stifle or criticize, let alone ban a user who disagrees with me, unless they break the golden rule.

Which brings me to all of this 'kool-aid' business.  What exactly does that mean?  Really, help me out.  This is a DENVER BRONCOS FAN SITE, geared towards DENVER BRONCOS FANS!.  Behind all the kick-ass technology is a blog.  Just like any other.  It is opinion-based.  The main difference between this and other blogs of any type is your involvement.  Some blogs are "teacher-student".  Someone is at the head of the class talking, and everyone else reads and responds.  MHR?  I prefer to think of it as sitting in a circle, with no one more important than anyone else.  All viewpoints getting equal time. The exact OPPOSITE of a 'cult', which makes that claim ironic.

So what is going on?  Obviously people care enough about this site to go elsewhere and talk badly about it.  Honestly, I haven't read every comment so I can't make a true determination.  What I will say is this.  If anyone out there feels they have been persecuted by a member of the 'management' staff here at MHR, email me -  I respond to every email I get.

Before hitting send, however, know one thing.  MHR is NOT a message board.  There are no moderators here.  I am the judge/jury/executioner.  I do that so that the contributors can focus on content, not moderating.  Every member has the ability to flag a comment they feel crosses the line, and I can see all flags given.  There is no "REP" here, and your post count means nothing.  Members that have been with MHR since the beginning are not given preferred treatment.  EVERYONE is treated the same, until that one rule gets broken. There are other guidelines, of course - no profanity or name-calling, but a personal attack will get you every time.

It is obvious, as MHR has grown, that some people find it hard to accept that there is a POSITIVE place to talk Broncos football.  Perhaps I underestimated the power of Broncos fandom.  I will NEVER hope, wish or want the Broncos to do poorly, just to be right or prove a point.  If that makes me a Broncos apologist, then that's what I am.  I think with my head more than my heart, but that doesn't mean the heart has less of a pull.  If Josh McDaniels does something I disagree with, I'm calling him out on it.  I will never hope for it.

I'll end as I started.  MileHighReport is the ultimate resource for Broncos fans.  Whether you're a hardcore fan, disenchanted, disgruntled, unhappy or a full-time resident of La-La Land, I WELCOME YOU and your opinions and thoughts.  On one condition.  We are all on the same team.  We all want the Broncos to succeed at the end of the day.  2+2=4, but so does 3+1 and 4+0.  There are different ways to get to any point, as long as everyone wants the same conclusion.  If not, feel free to spend your time HERE.