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Horse Tracks 7-11-09 - Letting NFLN boil my orange-and-blue blood


Mornin' MHR Friends! Now before I get accused of seeing everything through my orange-colored shades, let me just say that I don't expect John Elway to be #1 on everyone's "Greatest QBs Ever" lists. Nor do I think Jay Cutler is a terrible QB because of what happened. But how about we use some common sense here? If you want to put Elway at 7th greatest, you'd better have guys like Otto Graham and Bart Starr up there. Don't put Brett Favre and Peyton Manning (not yet, at least) ahead of him, and of course don't give me that Dan Marino Garbage. Please. As for Cutler, he's got elite skills but he's yet to put it together and win games. All his fault? Of course not. I still think he will win a Super Bowl and could become a great. But don't rank him in the top 5. I know, I'm letting these NFLN clowns get to me. Sorry, I'll take a deep breath and get over it. I'm going to yoga class with my wife.

DB - Switch Hitter
Gray Caldwell profiles Darrell Reid, who is the making the stunning switch from 290-lb. defensive tackle to 260-lb. linebacker. Reid is obviously on quite a diet, and has been talking to Elvis Dumervil about their position changes. Whether it's a crazy idea or a good one, I can't help but wonder how many coaches would look at a DT on film and see a LB.

CSG - Position-by-position training camp preview: Wide receivers
Frank Schwab considers the outlook for the WRs, including how a potential holdout would affect Brandon Marshall's progress in McDaniels' offense.

NFL - Then and Now: Denver Broncos
Jason Feller compares Goose Gonsoulin to Brian Dawkins. Jeez, I'm sure glad this isn't a Gonsoulin/Marlon McCree matchup.

NFL - Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the American Football League
There's a series of links here to commemorate the AFL. Of course, there are no Broncos among the HOF list, and I don't believe there's any mention of Floyd Little or Lionel Taylor.

NFLN - NFL Videos: Top 10 all-time QBs
Steve Wyche puts The Greatest Ever at #7 in his top-10 list of the QBs in history. Wow. He's got Favre, Marino and Peyton ahead of Elway. Starr, Staubach and Graham don't even make the list. In fact, the only pre-80's guy on the list was Johnny U. Puzzling.

DST - Going old school | The Daily Ticket
Set Schrock thinks the Broncos should bring back their old uni's and logo. Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DP - Armstrong: At long last, not so quoteless
According to Armstrong, Rod Smith will be co-hosting NFLTA on The Network at 5pm MST.

SDUT - Chargers free agent player shot in Philly suburb
UFA RB Curtis Brinkley (Syracuse) was shot while in his car. He was able to drive away, and reportedly spoke to his uncle via phone from the hospital. Yikes. Obviously, our thoughts at MHR go out to him.

SDUT - Single-game tickets on sale July 17

NFL - Browns' Stallworth released from jail after serving 24 days of sentence
Wow, that was quick. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

NFL - AFL remembered for its cast of characters
Ken Rappoport looks back at some of the more colorful coaches and players from the AFL.

SI - Michael Vick, Brett Favre drama keep NFL in news during offseason - Ross Tucker

NFP - Williamses’ case remains unresolved - Andrew Brandt

NFP - Diner morning news: Uncle Fred's theory
Lombardi looks at the Lions and Bills.

NFL - As former Viking enters Hall, current Viking paces group of top linemen
Bucky Brooks looks at today's top O-Lineman.

CBS - Positional Rankings: Cornerbacks
Pete Prisco has the Champ ranked as second-best to Asomugha despite his rough '08.

NFLN - NFL Videos: Top 5: Quarterbacks
Warren Sapp puts Jay Cutler among the top 5 QBs in the league. Wow. He may be top 10, but please. Manning, Brady, Rivers, Rodgers, Warner, Brees, McNabb and Romo are all clearly better than Cutler (so far).

NFLN - NFL Videos: 32 in 32: Arizona Cardinals

NFLN - NFL Videos: 2009 Coach Feature: Ken Whisenhunt

SI - Green Bay Packer Ryan Grant credits father for NFL rise - Andrew Lawrence

NFP - Can (Derrick) Brooks find a new home? - Matt Bowen

NFP - 2009 NFP scouting series: Wake Forest - Wes Bunting

CBS - Top 32 seniors: Top heavy with the heftier prospects
Rob Rang looks at his top prospects for the '10 Draft.