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Horse Tracks 7/13/09 - KC Joyner compares Cutler to Rex. Yes, THAT Rex.


Happy Monday, MHR Friends! Now, I'm sure some of you are thinking "Will NYC just get over the Cutler thing?" Unfortunately, there is no Broncos news today. So, the most interesting thing I found this morning comes courtesy of KC Joyner, who thinks JC will bring back memories of Rex Grossman for Bears fans. Obviously, it is just one opinion, but Joyner naturally has some stats to back up his point. After all, he is a fellow stathead.

NYT - Sorry, Bears Fans, Cutler Isn’t the Answer - KC Joyner
KC brings up some interesting stats that remind us it's not all about Cutler's 4500+ yards passing. Keep in mind folks, a lot of guys could throw for that many yards with 616 attempts. Anyway, Joyner spent much of Thursday afternoon defending himself against rabid Bears fans. Frankly, it will be interesting to see if the Great Defenders of Cutler will read this column; will they dismiss Joyner's assertions? Have at it, friends!

SDUT - Exorcise program
Apparently, the Dolts have their own version of Travis Henry. Antonio Cromartie has seven children in five different states, all under the age of five. He does blame himself for his predicament, and has rededicated himself to getting into top shape.

PFW - Chiefs struggling to learn new defense
PFW is hearing the Chefs who are switching positions for the 3-4 are having problems adjusting. Of course, we're talking about minicamp; plus, I'm sure we'll be hearing the same things about the Broncos...

NBC - Raiders Tag Team With Martial Arts Girlfight
Oh my. Jokeland is offering ticket packages for their home game versus the Broncos, paired up with a female MMA title fight. Desperate times...

NFL - Game's best quarterbacks produce stats as well as victories
To no great surprise, Bucky Brooks has come up with a much more sensible list than our buddy Sapp.

NYT - Should the N.F.L. Be Worried About the U.F.L.? - George Bretherton

NYT - Lab Results, Houston Texans - KC Joyner

CBS - Seahawks report: Inside slant