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Horse Tracks 7/15/09 - Two big dates on BMarsh's calendar


DP - Broncos' Marshall must report July 27
BMarsh is required to report with the rookies and other rehabbing players on July 27, three days before the official start of camp. Plus, if he does not report by Aug. 11 he will forfeit a year's service time and push him another year away from unrestricted free agency. So, it will be quite a stunner not to see him by then.

DB - NFL Network: Broncos 2009 Outlook
Here is Rod Smith's guest appearance on NFLTA; Smith, Mike Lombardi and yes, Jamie Dukes discuss Brandon Marshall and the Broncos. Rod points out that Josh McDaniels has added more discipline and pleads with Dukes to give the Broncos a chance before judgment. Wow, I cannot believe I just watched Dukes speak for that long. OUCH. Thankfully, Rod reminds Dukes of his two SB rings; no comeback, eh JD?

DB - NFL Network: Top 10 Homefield Advantages - Mile High
UGH. Another reminder of the home-field advantage gone by. Mile High ranks as the 2nd all-time advantage on NFLN. Ahh, those were the days. The shaking stadium, the false starts galore, Elway with the hard counts, this is too much for me...

DB - Young Leaders Promising Change - Karl Mecklenburg
The Snow Goose makes an entry as a guest blogger; here, he looks at the parallels between the Broncos and the U.S. - the new administrations for both (with young, new leaders) and the fear, expectations and realities that accompany great change.

RF91 - Ronald Fields Official Website
I know you've all been waiting for this...Ronnie Fields has got a website. All kidding aside, Fields does have a decent blog entry from the other day.

NFP - Diner morning news: A look at two coaches
Lombardi has some nice things to say about Shanny and expects him to come back better than ever. Man, if only he would've let Bowlen fire Slowik and bring in a personnel man. Obviously, those things were never going to happen, but oh well...

SI - GAME CHANGERS Fifty years ago a group of would-be owners
The current issue of SI has an article featuring stars of the AFL, including Denver RIng of Famer Goose Gonsoulin.

KCS - Chiefs sign QB Cassel to multi-year deal
As they had to do, the Chefs will give Matt Cassel $28 million in guarantees as part of a possible 6-year, $63 million contract. Honestly, I'd say they got off pretty easy - Cassel's franchise tag promised him $14.5 million in 2009, and then KC probably would have had to franchise him again after the season to keep him. Then again, how much money does one guy need?

KCS - Cassel extension: An analysis | Upon Further Review
Apparently, Football Outsiders says Cassel cannot throw the deep ball.

KCS - Matt Cassel speaks on his new deal with the Chiefs, and some reported contract terms

KCS - Cassel has Moss to thank for his good fortune
Jason Whitlock abandons his usual good sense and calls Randy Moss the "greatest football player of our lifetime" and "the most influential football player of any lifetime." Wow. Good thing I was between spoonfuls of oatmeal, as I would've choked to death otherwise...

CCT - Candid Cam: Cassel 'long-term' Raiders foe

NFP - Supplemental draft preview: Part 1
Wes Bunting looks at the top prospects for tomorrow's supplemental draft. For what it's worth, Denver does not have any extra picks in the 2010 Draft.

NFL - Union chief, current and former players plan meetings with Congress

NFL - Other sports leagues, anti-doping group support NFL in case of Williamses

PFW - AFC North training-camp previews

CST - Cassel contract just one deal that could pave way for Cutler's pay day
Brad Biggs considers whether the Bears need to give Cutler that ginormous contract before this season.

NFP - Preseason coaching carousel: NFC - Robert Boland

NFLN - NFL Videos: Top 5: Coaches
How about that?! Jamie Dukes puts Josh McDaniels among the top 5 coaches around the league. Just kidding. Okay, obviously you didn't fall for that one but can you imagine?!

NFP - NFP late hits: Do the Eagles need Dunn? - Matt Bowen

SI - New York Jets' Mark Sanchez could open Hispanic market for NFL - John P. Lopez

NYT - Football Outsiders Pessimistic on Jets - Mike Tanier

NFLN - NFL Videos: 32 in 32: Tennessee Titans