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Horse Tracks 7/17/09 - Rod Smith to the College HOF. Congrats, 80!

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DB - Not Satisfied
Brett Kern has packed on nearly 20 pounds of muscle to give himself a stronger leg with better hangtime and consistency. According to Gray Caldwell, Kern's gross average in 2008 was the third-best in Broncos history, yet only the fifth-best in the NFL last year. Wow, that does not speak well for the Broncos; with that thin air, they should have the best punting numbers every year!!!

DB - Learning from Head to Toe
Britton Colquitt is the fourth punting Colquitt to be a on an NFL roster. He's already learning quite a bit from Mike Priefer, who has turned Britton's brother Dustin into one of the better punters in the league.

ESPN Insider - How to build better pros - Eddie Royal and athletic tape
Molly Knight offers an interesting peek into how Eddie Royal's unorthodox uses for athletic tape, who tapes him and the team hierarchy involved in the process.

HC - Windsor's Baker Not Resting In Bid To Make Broncos
Chris Baker's hometown paper peeks in on a tough workout for the tackle. Baker is getting himself down to 320 lbs. by the time camp begins and is back in Denver.

NFLN - NFL Videos: Marshall in studio
BMarsh dances around several questions despite the best efforts of Jamie Dukes to get him to rip into Josh McDaniels, the Broncos organization and Kyle Orton. To me, it sure doesn't sound like he wants to be a Bronco; he refers to the team as "The Broncos" and never as "we" or "us" - nor does he include himself among the list of WRs. Granted, there's always the chance he just gets over all of this...

DP - Broncos' Marshall: I will report on time
LJones' take on BMarsh's appearance on NFLTA.

CSG - Broncos' Marshall says he will report to training camp

CSG - Position-by-position training camp preview: Defensive backs | defensive, position, most
Frank Schwab looks at the D-Backs - he shares some awful statistics on the safeties which explain why we're looking at 4 brand new guys heading into camp.

USAT - Rod Smith ran unusual route right into college Hall of Fame
#80 is being enshrined this weekend in the College Football HOF. Eddie Timanus has a neat story about how Rod became a WR in the first place. Rod says he still doesn't watch the NFL Draft out of bitterness. HA! You're still the man, Rod. Congrats from MHR!!!

NFL - Players, media have trust issues with McDaniels
Everyone's favorite NFLN "Analyst" has a blog entry speculating on how much/little the Broncos trust Coach McDaniels.

ESPN - Interconference matchups: NFC East/AFC West - Matt Mosley


CCT - Agent: Raiders draft pick agrees to contract

KCS - Daily download | Rison is still a huge fan of himself

NFL - Cardinals LB Dansby 'disappointed' about not receiving long-term deal

NFL - Prosecutors dismiss drug charge against Packers' Jolly but could refile

NFL - Redskins confident in Kentucky DE Jarmon, their supplemental draft pick

NFP - Redskins' pick could have an impact - Wes Bunting

SI - Larry Fitzgerald invites Jerry Rice, Cris Carter to instruct camp - Jim Trotter
BMarsh was/has been working with quite a group in Minnesota.

PFW - AFC East training-camp previews

NFP - Camp countdown: AFC North - Matt Bowen

NFP - Big contracts and economic uncertainty - Robert Boland

CBS - Summer concerns: Training camp questions for each team - Pete Prisco

NFL - Jones-Drew will be focal point of running game, but Jaguars plan to share - Vic Carucci

NFLN - NFL Videos: Top 10 players 5'9" and under
I thought shorter players weren't even allowed into the NFL. What gives?!

NFLN - NFL Videos: Best organizations
Jamie Dukes ranks them. No, I didn't watch it.

FOX - Schein's Nine: Cards back in Super Bowl? - Adam Schein

NFLN - NFL Videos: 32 in 32: Indianapolis Colts

NYT - More Pessimism on Jets - The Fifth Down Blog - Toni Monkovic

NFP - Diner morning news: 'The Danny' makes a hire
Lombardi has some fun sitting in Daniel Snyder's seat for a day.

CBS - Shunned by NFL, Texas Tech's Harrell heads to Canada

NFL - Top offensive tackle prospects for 2010 hail from the Big 12 - Gil Brandt

CBS - Six pack of seniors who could graduate to first-round status - Rob Rang