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Mike Shanahan breaks his silence, talks to CBS4 in Denver

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There has been a Mike Shanahan sighting.  He has, at last, come out from hiding somewhere in the mansion he's building, or the restaurant he's building, to talk about the Broncos and his future.  Reggie Rivers got the opportunity to sit down with the deposed Mastermind and talk about Josh McDaniels, Jay Cutler and what comes next -

When asked if he was rooting for Josh McDaniels to succeed, Shanahan answered in typical Shanny fashion -

"I don't know if rooting … I don't know if you go that far," Shanahan said. "There's so many things that happen in sports. The head coach has to go to go with his gut. He's got to make some tough decisions. That's the nature of this game."

Shanny then talked about the Jay Cutler situation, sidestepping it nicely - 

"I'm a big Jay Cutler fan," Shanahan said. "I'm a big Chris Simms fan, and I've heard a lot of great things about Kyle Orton as well. Josh has added a bunch of good pieces to the puzzle. Hopefully they can go out and get it done."

And of course, when asked about his own future in the game, Shanny expressed he is looking forward to getting back on the sideline -

"Will work for food. That's my motto," Shanahan said. "I want to coach again. I'm not sure what opportunities are going to be open next year or the year after that. I'm just trying to stay on top of my game. I still want to get back into football and do the things I've been doing throughout my career."

As Broncos fans know all too well, Pat Bowlen has $20 million dollars due to Shanny over the next three years.  Why hurry back?!?