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Horse Tracks 7/2/09 - Knowshon is a ham


DB - Hosting Camps to Give Back
Gray Caldwell speaks with three Broncos hosting football camps this summer - Darrell Reid, Daniel Graham and Chad Jackson. DG says he was inspired during his childhood by school visits from Alfred Williams and Shannon Sharpe. Many current Broncos helped out at DG's camp, including several rookies.

DB - Graham Teaches More than Football at Free Camp - Broncos TV
Chris Hall reports from DG's camp.

DB - NFL Network: Hardest Hitters - Steve Atwater
Man, do I ever miss the days of Atwater and Smith. We may never see that again in Denver, but at least we've finally got some serious talent back there now. Dawkins, Hill, McBath, Bruton, Barrett. Sounds a lot better than McCree and Manuel, doesn't it?

DB - NFL Network: Hardest Hitters - John Lynch
Wow, what an amazing bunch of John Lynch hits. He actually knocked out his best friend/brother-in-law in a game once. And then just walked away...

SI - Brett Favre, Minnesota Vikings both motivated by money - Don Banks
Don Banks speaks with Meshawn Johnson about being a WR diva; Key has some harsh words for BMarsh.

FOX - Schein: Marshall staying put - Video
Adam Schein tells BMarsh he's got chance of going anywhere. He does offer up some misinformation, as Brandon will NOT be a free agent next year. Well, not one who can get a lot of money; Denver could still stick him with a first-round tender which would garner Marshall less than $3 million in 2010.

NFL - Rookie class of 2009 given lessons by 2008 group at symposium - Vic Carucci
Eddie Royal appeared at the symposium, telling the incoming rookies to spend more time working out and preparing for the season. He also stressed the importance of talking to veterans and seeking their guidance.

DB - NFL Network: Moreno at Rookie Symposium - Part 2
Here is the second part of Knowshon's video diary

NYT - Quick Hands From Nicks, and a Bond Between Sanchez and Stafford
YouTube clip from the "NFL Rookies Got Talent" featuring several top draft choices. Knowshon is up last, but it's worth the wait. Kid is a comedian, for sure. He's also got some singing pipes!

CL - Reaching out
Former Broncos WR Willie Green is among a select few African-Americans to own a golf course, and he is helping introduce the game to children who would otherwise find golf inaccessible.

DP - There's only one No. 7 in Colorado — and it's not Chauncey
Chauncey Billups wore #7 for one year in Denver as a tribute to his idol, The Greatest Ever. Now, he's switching to #1 so there will be only one #7 in Denver. That's just awesome.

NFL - Colorful conclusion to NFL’s rookie symposium - Steve Wyche

CBS - NFL teaching rookies how to not be prey to economic predators - Mike Freeman

PFW - A tale of two running backs
Matt Sohn examines second-year RBs Chris Johnson and Steve Slaton.

NFP - Wednesday whys: Listen up, rookies - Andrew Brandt

NFP - Diner morning news: Ravens without Ryan - Mike Lombardi

NFP - The game is more than gettin' paid - Matt Bowen

CBS - Positional Rankings: Tight Ends - Pete Prisco

FOX - Summer two-a-days: AFC South, NFC North
Peter Schrager digs up one of those silly stats; he cites Jay Cutler's record when the Broncos gave up less than 21 points. Hey, Peter - every NFL QB does well when his defense gives up 20 or fewer points. Please.

NYT - 2009 Forecast: Browns Should Be Much Better - KC Joyner

NFLN - NFL Videos: 32 in 32: New Orleans Saints

NFLN - NFL Videos: 2009 Coach Feature: Sean Payton

NFP - 2009 NFP scouting series: Penn State - Wes Bunting