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Horse Tracks 7/20/09 - Happy Birthday, Casey Wiegmann and D.J. Williams!!


GS - Ex-Gator Moss now a linebacker
Hmm. Jarvis says he feels right at home playing LB. So, you mean the Broncos shouldn't have traded UP in the first round to take an undersized DE who is miscast positionally? Oh. Whoops. Hopefully the switch works out.

Athlon - 2009 Denver Broncos Preview
Hmm. Magazine sales must be dropping. Or, at least they should be; Athlon still has J.J. Arrington and Boss Bailey on the team, while the retention of Bobby Turner and Rick Dennison is ignored to say the blocking scheme will be totally different.

SB - Raiders Blog and Q&A: Elway almost a Raider?
Wow. Try not to have any nightmares tonight. It's okay; it DIDN'T HAPPEN.

DP - Jeff Legwold to join The Denver Post
Here's the best Broncos news in months. Thank you DP and welcome back, Jeff!! Thanks to Elizabeth for the link!

DP - Fans' hopes fall when Watson's shots don't
Dusty Saunders doesn't know who will be alongside Dave Logan calling Broncos games.

FOX - 7 Points: Mason needs to decide on future in NFL - Ed Thompson
Thompson perpetuates the myth that Alphonso Smith has to come up big in '09 to justify the price Denver paid. Well, he's probably not starting either way. So if he's not a starter until 2 years from now, the trade was dumb? What are you saying, Ed?

PFW - Jets' Washington seeks elite-back contract
PFW apparently can't make up its mind about Smith. He is the "heavy favorite" at nickelback but "didn't cement his role during OTAs" (as if that's possible for a rookie).

NFL - Vikings pleased with Favre's progress from biceps tendon surgery

ESPN - National Football League goes after big game in landmark American Needle antitrust case - Lester Munson

PFW - NFC East training-camp previews

SI - Sean Payton guest authors Monday Morning QB for Peter King - Sean Payton

Y! - Lambeau playoff stunner made Vick a force - Mike Silver

NYT - Why Peyton Manning Isn’t More Revered - The Fifth Down Blog - KC Joyner

ESPN - Analyzing the next steps in the career of Michael Vick, who is scheduled to be released from home confinement Monday - John Clayton

Y! - T.O. hopes series shows other side of his reality
I'm trying to figure out how much I'd have to be paid to watch this show. I just can't settle upon a number.

PFW - Jonesing for redemption - Dan Waters
I wonder if Dan Waters really knows what the word "Jonesing" means. I'm guessing not.