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Horse Tracks 7/22/09 - Will BMarsh miss the first preseason game?



DB - 2009 Position Previews: RB/FB
Zach Eisendrath previews the running backs. Not to toot my own horn, but I feel like I already read this somewhere...

PFT - Worlds set to collide for Brandon Marshall in mid-August
Will BMarsh's Atlanta court case prevent him from playing in the Broncos' first preseason game in August? Thanks again to Elizabeth for the link!

TJ - Making a good impression
Tom Brandstater dropped in on his high school's football practice on Monday.

ESPN - Mailbag - John Clayton
You know, I actually look at these columns now hoping there WON'T be mention of the Broncos. Clayton says Knowshon won't have a big year because the Broncos will be terrible. According to Clayton, "everyone's forecast (is that) the Broncos will be among the worst teams in the league."

INDT - Michael Vick thinking about a Rocky Mountain High?
Not sure where Hunter Ansley is hearing rumors about Vick and the Broncos, but he's not buying it. Jeez, I didn't think it was THAT hard to come up with writing topics...

FOX - Broncos' Moreno Signs Protective Apparel Endorsement

ESPN - Jeffri Chadiha examines LaDainian Tomlinson's mindset after turning 30

SFG - Raiders Silver and Black Blog : The blog is back
David White takes a quick look at Jokeland's QBs

KCS - Former Chief Holmes studies for a new career

NFL - With Vick out of federal custody, Goodell will rule on QB's future soon

NFL - Anthony joins Estefans as musicians who are Dolphins minority owners

NFL - Steelers QB Roethlisberger cancels press conference amid civil lawsuit

NFL - After signing with Falcons in June, OL Newberry retires due to bad knee

SI - J.P. Losman signs contract with Las Vegas team in UFL
This feels like Tommy Maddox going to the XFL. Hopefully it will bring similar results for Losman. Didn't people want the Broncos to trade half of a draft class for him a couple years ago? And then sign him this offseason?

Y! - Oscar-winning actor gets in ear of Ochocinco - Mike Silver
Apparently Denzel told Chad Johnson to quite being a baby, and it seems to have worked (so far).

NFP - Camp countdown: AFC South - Matt Bowen

ESPN - AFC North training camp preview

ESPN - NFC North training camp preview

CBS - Training camp battles: NFC East - Clark Judge

SI - Matt Cassel, Matt Stafford, Mark Sanchez, Jay Cutler latest QB saviors - Don Banks

FOX - Top training camp questions and predictions - John Czarnecki

NFP - Diner morning news: Spagnuolo’s first year - Mike Lombardi

NFLN - NFL Videos: 32 in 32: Pittsburgh Steelers

NFLN - NFL Videos: Evolving the Wildcat
Marshall Faulk discusses how rookie Pat White will make the Dolphins' offense more effective.

NFL - WR Holley wins Irvin's reality TV show, spot on Cowboys' 80-man roster

NFP - Turning one job into another - Jack Bechta

NFP - College coaching carousel: Part 1 - Robert Boland

NFP - 2009 NFP scouting series: Clemson - Wes Bunting