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Horse Tracks 7/26/09 - Camp tomorrow; lots of great reading today!


DP - New Broncos coach Josh McDaniels is only 33
Lame title, but excellent article; Mike Klis takes an in-depth look at how Josh McDaniels' upbringing prepared him to be Denver's head coach and for the Jay Cutler saga. The pressure in Denver to win is nothing new to McDaniels; he faced it all while growing up, in a town where high school football is everything, and being the son of a legendary coach means everyone's gunning for you.

DP - Marshall to show, but top rookies unsigned
BMarsh is reportedly going to be at camp tomorrow. Meanwhile, negotiations with David Bruton and Tom Brandstater are moving along.

DP - Personal battles provide strength for Broncos' Ayers
Jeff Legwold looks back at Robert Ayers' upbringing; his parents sent him from NJ to SC at age 15 to get away from a troublesome path. As Robert admits, it took him quite awhile to grow up and appreciate the merits of hard work and accountability.

APP - Life no longer normal for Moreno
Knowshon's hometown paper catches up with the rookie.

DP - Broncos training camp primer
LJones previews the Broncos roster heading into camp.

DP - Kiszla: Stop living in the Broncos' past
Kiszla tells Broncos fans to get current in their thinking and move on from Shanny, Cutler, XXXII and XXXIII. He reminds us of what had happened to Shanny's greatness, the staleness of his ideas and the freshness of McDaniels'.

DP - Broncos owner impressed in first meeting with McDaniels
Joe Ellis offers some insight into the first meeting between Pat Bowlen and Josh McDaniels.

CSG - Dawkins hopes to have same success Lynch had with Broncos - Frank Schwab

CSG - Broncos training camp: Schedule and fan information

CSG - Broncos training camp: Five questions - Frank Schwab

DP - Klis: Vick will be backup in first role back - Mike Klis
On his trip to Ohio, Klis spoke to Thom McDaniels (Josh's dad) about coaching Maurice Clarett in high school. Plus, new safety Darcel McBath is represented by a former Raider!!! The horror!!!!!!!!!!!

DP - Let the games continue for McD's home debut
Kiszla shares some emails from readers regarding his ticket offer.

LAT - John Elway, Joe Montana have some advice for Brett Favre

DP - Former Broncos WR Moses has some unfinished business
Terry Frei offers an inspiring look at Haven Moses, the Broncos legend who suffered a debilitating stroke in 2003 but has fought every following day to recover.

DP - Excerpt: Amazing Grace, Haven Moses
Here's an excerpt from Frei's book on Moses.

KCS - Chiefs have a new look and a new attitude; but they’ve had that before

KCS - Who’s headed to River Falls? | Chiefs training camp roster

KCS - Chiefs Camp Practice Schedule

SDUT - Martin and Johnson agree - Kevin Acee

SDUT - Green all but done - Kevin Acee

SFG - Raiders Silver and Black Blog : Precamp breakdown: DL

LAT - In the NFL, there's something in the air - Sam Farmer
Farmer looks at the QBs around the league.

CBS - Eagles' McDermott steps softly into mentor's shoes

FOX - 7 points: Lions looking to change past failures - Ed Thompson

NYT - How Many Wins Is Cutler Worth? - The Fifth Down Blog - Brian Burke
Burke estimates the difference between Cutler and Orton as being 2 wins, all else being equal. Of course, all else is not actually equal; but Burke clearly acknowledges this. Once again, to the Protectors of All Things Negative and Defenders to the Hilt of Cutler, this is how it's done; research and fairness. Notice I'm not ripping Burke?

Y! - Honeymoon under way for Owens, Bills - Dan Wetzel

CBS - Training camp battles: NFC South - Clark Judge

NFP - Weekend Notes: What's Cribbs Worth? - Matt Bowen

NFP - 2009 NFP scouting series: small-school prospects - Wes Bunting