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Horse Tracks 7/3/09 - What is Jamie Dukes' problem?


Twitter - "A 1 gets BM"
Schefter says the Broncos WILL take calls on BMarsh, not that they presently are doing so. He thinks a first-rounder will pry Marshall loose. I don't see anyone paying that, but I'd take it if I'm the Broncos...

ADG - Hillis anticipating role with new staff
An update on Peyton Hillis from one of his hometown papers. Apparently, Hillis had pretty good skills on the diamond as well. He says he's working to avoid more hits next year.

SI - Eagles, Patriots, Falcons produce best NFL offseasons of 2009 - Ross Tucker
This is a fair one. Ross Tucker counts Denver's offseason among the worst; it was a rough one no matter how you look at it. But at least Tucker realizes some good things happened for the Broncos, too. For the Protectors of All Things Negative, this is how it's done.

NFL - Reed edges out Polamalu as league's best safety
Bucky Brooks ranks BDawk among his top-five safeties. So does Rod Woodson in the NFLN clip; he talks about what BDawk will bring to Denver, and of course, Jamie Dukes points out that he can't throw the football. Classic Dukes.

DP - Paige: ESPN: Nugs, not Broncs, best in show
Woody wrote a newspaper article about a magazine article. Why in the world would he do that? Oh, right. It was ESPN the Magazine, and Woody works for ESPN. Got it.

DP - Judge "tired" of stalled Hicks trial
The federal judge who will hear Brian Hicks' cocaine trial is weary of the defendant's stall tactics. (Hicks' truck was used in the murder of D-Will).

CCT - Candid Cam: Al Davis speaks of childhood, how he was a 'tough S.O.B.' in Brooklyn
Ugh. I didn't know The Crypt Keeper was from New York. That really stings.

SDUT - Chargers' camp will be closed to public

NFL - NFL gives Jets LB Pace a four-game suspension for violating drug policy

NFL - Vick's new bankruptcy plan pays creditors more, protects personal items

NFL - Florida judge won't release video of Stallworth crash that killed pedestrian

NLFN - NFL Videos: Who needs to break out?
Woodson and Dukes think Schaub, Cassel, JaMarcus The Hutt and Roy Williams (WR) need to have big years in '09.

CBS - All Over/Under Team: D'Q, Henderson at opposite ends
Pete Prisco counts BDawk as Denver's most overrated player and Ryan Harris as its most under appreciated.

NFP - Five defensive players who may surprise - Matt Bowen

FOX - Where will Wildcat offense go from here? - Alex Marvez

NFL - USO Tour Day 1: The right team
Current and former head coaches are visiting our troops in Iraq. Here's the first blog entry.

NFL - USO Tour Day 2: A time of transition in Iraq

NFLN - NFL Videos: Meeting the troops

NFP - Becoming an agent: part two - Jack Bechta

NFP - Diner morning news: Glazers have a plan - Mike Lombardi

NFLN - NFL Videos: 32 in 32: Chicago Bears

NFLN - NFL Videos: 2009 Coach Feature: Lovie Smith

NFL - Top 10 motivational coaches in NFL history

NFP - In praise of Southern football - Robert Boland

NFP - 2009 NFP scouting series: Cincinnati - Wes Bunting