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Champ Bailey, 2 others, will begin Training Camp on P.U.P list

The Broncos are set to start Training Camp in about 10 hours, but are already a bit shorthanded.  It is being reported that Champ Bailey, Marcus Thomas and Renaldo Hill will start camp on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) List.

Now, before everyone starts freaking out, starting camp on the PUP list is a lot different than practicing, then moving to the PUP list.  Players like Bailey, Hill and Thomas can get activated at any time.  Should they practice, even once, then move to the PUP list, they would be inactive for 6 weeks into the regular season.

This allows the Broncos to have a few extra bodies on the practice field.  It has been a practice in the League for a long time, and the Patriots took full advantage of it.  That said, I wouldn't say the addition of Bailey or Thomas is NOT legit.  Bailey is coming back from offseason surgery, not to mention the serious hamstring injury that cost him half of 2008.  Seeing Bailey running the field in July is not as important as seeing him running down Chad Johnson when September 13th rolls around.

Thomas, however, is a bit of a disappointment.  It is being reported that Thomas failed the conditioning test that everyone has to pass.  For a player likely on his last football legs, who needs to impress a coach that didn't select him to begin with, coming in out of shape is less than advisable.

As for Renaldo Hill, it could be that he is nursing an injury, combined with the Broncos wanting to take a long look at Jack Williams and Alphonso Smith with the first team.  Like Bailey, Hill's position is likely safe.

More to come.