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Denver Broncos Training Camp Quotes - 7/31 AM -- Josh McDaniels, Kyle Orton, Brian Dawkins


Each day I'll supply you with the transcript from the coaches and players that talk to the media. Today's edition includes Josh McDaniels, QB Kyle Orton and S Brian Dawkins

Head Coach Josh McDaniels

On how the team looked in its first full practice
"It looked like the first day. Everybody had great effort, good tempo, a lot of sloppy mistakes and a lot of things to correct and fix. A long way to go, but it was good to get off to a start."
On if he was able to sleep last night in anticipation of the first practice
"(I fell asleep) about 1 (a.m.), it ended about 5 (a.m.) and then just back to work—full training camp mode and excited for today."
On the first thing to come to mind walking onto the field today as a head coach
"It is exciting. I grew up as the son of a coach, so it is an exciting feeling to be able to come out and run your first organized training camp practice and just coach the players that are here. (I am) excited about what may lie ahead for us and trying to get us better every single day. It was a good feeling."

On the fear of injury due to physical practices
"I don’t think you can play this game afraid of that because every time we go out and play a game, there is the fear of injury or the possibility of an injury. In order to play the way that we want to play, you have to practice the way you want to play. We will have to take our chances. We will be smart with our football team and our players. If there is anything that we need to rest or pull back from them, then we will, but I don’t think you can play physical unless you practice that way."
On evaluating the quarterbacks
"(There) will be a better evaluation after we watch all the film, but I thought there are a couple things that I wish we would have hit. But I think they threw the ball well. The command of the offense and the understanding of what we are doing is great. I don’t mean that they are all the way where we want them to be ultimately, but I think when they get in the huddle, they know exactly what I am asking them to do and they are giving the information to the other 10 (players) that are with them. Right now, I think they are getting off to a good start, and we have just got to continue to push them to get better."
On his impression of RB Ryan Torain
"Ryan made some good runs today and he is a physical guy, big guy. (He is) the kind of back that we are looking for. All of our backs are 215 (pounds) or more, so that is the style that we have and we want. He fits in well with the group that we have, and it will be exciting to see him progress. This is really the start, for Ryan, of this year because he wasn’t there all spring. (We are) looking forward to seeing what he can do."
On the effects of OLB/DE Robert Ayers’ and RB Knowshon Moreno’s absence from training camp
"I think every day that they miss hurts their opportunity to create or a role on our team or a bigger role on our team. Obviously, they will have a role, but they are missing meetings, installations, walk-throughs, practice time, film study and all that stuff.
"We are eager to have them here. We are trying as hard as we possibly can to have both of them here as fast as we can. Hopefully, that happens sooner rather than later."
On if the delay signing Ayers and Moreno adds more pressure to complete the deal
"We are going to work with who is here and they will join us eventually. Hopefully it will be soon."
On if the team is close to finalizing Ayers’ and Moreno’s contracts
"To me, the only thing left is ‘done.’ Whether we are close or not doesn’t really matter. As soon as it is done, we will be excited to have them here."
On CB Champ Bailey’s absence at practice
"Champ, (S) Renaldo (Hill) and (DL) Marcus Thomas, as soon as they are ready to practice physically, they will be out here. It is the same with all three of them, just making sure that we take the right precautions with those three players."
On WR Brandon Marshall’s performance
"He definitely showed up, made some good plays. He is an explosive guy, and it is a good sign to see him out there running. We’ll see how his body reacts to it. This is really the first full practice. The couple (practices) that we had earlier in the week weren’t really that long, and this one was a little bit more taxing on everybody. It was great to have him out there, (he) definitely fit in and made some big plays and we will look forward to more of that as we go."
On if today’s session felt different with the team because it was the first training camp practice
"I think it feels different for everybody because you are in pads. There is an actual uncertainty of what kind of period we are running, because before, you are not in pads, you can’t run plays and all the rest of it. Now there is a run-pass conflict on every play; nobody knows what is coming. You can use play-actions. The whole entire practice is a little different. There are so many things that we are responsible for, both as coaches and players, once you get into this kind of an atmosphere. You always make little minor mistakes on the first day, and hopefully we will clean those up. (It’s) the same with our coaches and players."
On evaluating players’ transition from the defensive line to outside linebacker
"Today is a big step for those guys because a big part of playing outside linebacker is being able to be physical and play downhill. When you are a former defensive lineman, that is what you are used to doing anyway. We are going to try to ask them to do things they can do. I know being physical and hitting people is one thing that all of them are capable of, and we are going to ask them to do a lot of that. When we ask them to drop back in pass coverage, we are going to try to make sure that we are smart with what we ask them to do. We are not going to put them on (San Diego TE) Antonio Gates and tell them to flag him all over the field.
"All of them have a lot of room to improve. Obviously, this is the first padded practice, so they are going to see some things that they are going to be able to correct this afternoon and hopefully get better every day."

QB Kyle Orton -

On if there is a different between the atmosphere of opening training camp compared OTAs
"Yeah, no question. You put the pads on and now you’re not so much teaching—now, you’re going out there and you’re playing for jobs and, you know, showing the coaches everything you can do. So it’s a much more competitive atmosphere, and it’s for real."
On if he enjoys training camp
"It’s tough being away from your families and everything, obviously, but I think everybody is excited about this camp starting and what we can do this season. I know, personally, I’m very excited."
On the importance of having WR Brandon Marshall out on the field
"No question. It’s great to have him out there. He looked good today. Just expect a lot of things out of him."
On what he thinks of the Broncos’ running backs
"That’s a great position for us, and we can do a lot of things with them. (RB) Peyton Hillis and all those guys—they create matchup problems, whether in the running game or in the passing game obviously."
On if he knows the names of all his receivers
"I do. I’ve been working on it. I can’t say maybe on the defensive side of the ball, but I think on offense I’ve got that down pretty good."
On who has stood out offensively
"It’s early, you know. It’s early and trying to knock some rust off with the pads and everything. But I thought, as an offense, we had a sharp practice. Not a whole lot of presnap penalties or anything like that. The ball wasn’t on the ground a whole lot, so it was a good start for us."
On having fans out at practice
"It was great. Had a lot of fans out and making a lot of noise for ‘B-Marsh’ (WR Brandon Marshall) when he was making those great catches, so it was fun."
On if he likes seeing Marshall make one-handed catches
"Certainly. Sometimes it makes you look bad, you know. When he catches that ball with one hand, I’m like ‘it wasn’t that bad of a pass.’"
On how his approach changes being the starting quarterback at the start of camp
"Not really. Obviously leadership-wise it sets you in the forefront a little bit more and just making sure as a unit that we know we’re running smoothly and everything. But I just go about my business and try to work hard every day and just improve. Really, that’s the goal every day."

S Brian Dawkins  -

On the first day of training camp
"Just trying to learn the ropes a little bit, the tempos that are requested of us and trying to jell."
On the anticipation taking the field

"Yeah, I mean I was real anxious to get some live bullets going. Sorry for the pun, but to really get some live contact. I didn’t get as much as I thought I was going to get, but it was a good start."
On whether DT Ronald Fields is the critical guy in the 3-4 defense
"Well you know, it starts with those guys up front. It starts when those guys up front do their job and they dominate their gaps and their guy, that makes everybody else’s job behind them that much easier. So, it definitely starts with him and those guys up front."
On what he would tell the average fan in terms of how the defense will improve
"I’ll say just have a good time with it because we’re going to have a good time with it. We’ve got some jelling to do. We’ve got some things to work out, some mental mistakes to get out of the way. But I’m excited about it."
On whether it was tough to come to training camp with the passing of former Eagles Defensive Coordinator Jim Johnson  "It is. It was and it is. He was a dear, dear friend of mine. He taught me a lot. Both of our careers kind of intertwined. He was there for so long having success, and I had so much success with him. So, it was definitely a tough loss for me."
On the No. 1 thing he learned from Johnson
"I think with Jim, the thing he wanted was, I called it the controlled chaos. He wanted you to be all out, but at the same time know what you’re doing. He was just someone that I believed in tremendously and he believed in me tremendously. That’s why he allowed me to do the things that I did at safety. I’m very, very grateful for the things that he taught me and the things he allowed me to do."
On practicing in pads to start camp
"I’m used to pads. As a matter of fact, I was looking for some live periods because that’s what I’m used to. I’m used to, as they call it, tackle them to the ground. That’s what I’m used to. To have contact, to have pads is no big deal for me."
On whether wearing pads in practice will make the defense tougher
"You have to get used to the pads. You have to break them in so to speak, you know, be able to know what kind of leverage you are going to have to use against different guys when you’re taking them on. And you know what? Just get the, I’ll say get the liking for the contact."
On S Darcel McBath
"(He has) potential. Still learning, as we all are. But I think he definitely has a lot of potential to add some big plays for us."
On the defense having a physical identity
"I believe so. I believe so. It starts with a mindset, first of all. You know, not everybody wants to play defense. It’s a want-to thing to play defense. You’ve got to be a little crazy to play defense and run into somebody full-speed and like it. So that’s the mentality we have to develop—that  everybody likes to run into guys full-speed and sacrifice yourself for your teammate."
On CBs Champ Bailey and Renaldo Hill being held out of practice
"We just go out and we just play. We know those guys are going to be there. We’ve already practiced with them and developed some chemistry. When they get back out there, we’ll keep that thing rolling."
On wearing a visor on his helmet
"I’ve been wearing it since my rookie (year), well actually since college. I’m a guy that I will hit and throw myself in there. [There is] light sensitivity a little bit and [I] get migraines. Those things kind of help me in that respect."
On whether the visor is intimidating
"I would hope that even if I just wore one bar, the old kicker bar, that my film, the things that I’m blessed to do on the football field as far as bringing the wood, would speak more than just my visor."
On WR Brandon Marshall

"He looked great to me. He knows what his limits are, but he looked great to me."
On having two unsigned rookies (RB Knowshon Moreno and OLB/DE Robert Ayers)
"This is my 14th year. I’ve seen a little bit of everything in those 14 years. That’s the business side of football. We love to play this game. We love to go out there and come to practice and hit and catch balls but there is a business side of football. So when they handle that business, they’ll come out and do what they’re supposed to do."
On whether he gets butterflies for the start of training camp
"Today I did. I’m usually jacked up for training camp because that means training camp is almost over when we start it, so that it’s closer to the football season. But you know, new place, new surrounding, I was definitely jacked up for this."
On being motivated by the fans
"It helps. It adds. I’m used to a little more—I don’t want to say, how do I say that—a little more voices, let’s just say voices about our play or lack thereof on the football field. I’m used to a little bit of everything, so whatever they bring, I welcome."
On whether Denver fans are more polite than Philadelphia fans
"They’re going to give their opinions, but it’s not as many and at the same time as in Philadelphia."
On hitting teammates on the practice field
"I’ve gotten to the point now that I know how to take care of the guys, my guys. I know that I’m going to need these guys down the road. If it’s a period and they let us loose, kind of take the reins off and say, ‘This is live, go get em.’ That’s different. But if it’s just a thud, then you’re smart with your teammates because they are your teammates."
On laying a hit to wake up the defense
"Yeah, but you still have to be smart at the same time. If I have a receiver that’s laying out for the ball, and I can give it to him, I’ll hit him but I won’t deliver the full funk to him, if you understand what I’m saying."