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Horse Tracks 7/6/09 - Bly bitter about 2008


PFW - Broncos rookie Ayers a quick study
Dan Parr and Co. are hearing good things about Robert Ayers. Thanks to Doc for the link.

FOX - 7 Points: NFC North has interesting QBs, for once
Ed Thompson still thinks the Broncos should trade BMarsh and disagrees that doing so would set a bad precedent. He even compares the situation to T.O. - ouch.

VP - NFL cornerback Bly relishes the same role with new team
Dre' Bly says he was made a scapegoat for last year's defensive woes in Denver, and that the Broncos defense was too predictable and lacked aggression. Sounds about right, Dre'. Of course, it also lacked talent.

SI - Matt Birk guest authors Monday Morning QB for Peter King
Harvard alum Matt Birk uses MMQB to pass along some excellent thoughts on retired players, the dramatization of players missing OTAs, and more.

NFL - Shooting death of former Titans, Ravens QB McNair ruled a homicide

NFL - Ravens fondly remember McNair as leader and friend

NFLN - NFL Videos: NFLTA: Sabol and Fisher on McNair

NFLN - NFL Videos: NFLTA: Top 10 McNair moments

PFW - Adversity allowed McNair to bring out his best

PFW - Notable events in McNair’s college, pro careers

SI - McNair's legacy was about being a true leader - John P. Lopez

NFP - Sunday at the Post
Lombardi senses little patience among the Denver fan base. Say it ain't so, folks!!

TSN - Rehab specialists: Three first-year coaches could engineer quick turnarounds
Dennis Dillon could see Jim Mora, Steve Spagnuolo and Eric Mangini making instant impacts with their new clubs.

Scout - NFL Exclusive: Chris Canty