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Horse Tracks 8/1/09 - Onto Day 2; Still no Knowshon or Ayers


DB - Training Camp Day 1: A.M. Blog
Gray Caldwell's excellent notes from practice

DB - Training Camp Day 1: P.M. Blog
Zach Eisendrath takes over with the afternoon notes. Personally, I'm most intrigued to hear of the new coaches' unique methods and lessons...

DB - Learning Inside and Out

DB - Training Camp Day 1: Transcripts

DB - Day 1 Report - Broncos TV
Chris Hall wraps up the first day of camp

DB - Day 1: McDaniels - Broncos TV

DB - Day 1: Dawkins - Broncos TV

DB - Day 1: Orton - Broncos TV


DP - Orton crams for first test with Broncos - Lindsay Jones
Kyle Orton has been taking plenty of notes and studying the Broncos' playbook ever since his arrival in Denver.

NFP - Diner morning news: McDaniels’ rookie year
Mike Lombardi looks at what to expect from Josh McDaniels; he envisions Knowshon lining up behind Orton in spread formations, and LaMont Jordan lining up in power formations. Lombardi expects solid preparation and coaching from McDaniels, although he does question the Broncos' decision to not draft more D-Lineman, and is concerned about Alphonso Smith's stature.

DP - Paige: Camp McDaniels' tents already up
Woody reminds us that while the arrival of training camp is exciting and symbolic for us fans, the players and coaches have been working and practicing together for quite awhile.

DP - Bailey stays silent about injury status - Jeff Legwold

DP - Marshall looks healthy, sharp in first practice
Now that he's surrounded by fans and teammates, and the "me season" is over, hopefully BMarsh is reminded how great it is to be a Bronco.

CSG - Broncos running back Jordan not taking opportunity lightly - Frank Schwab
LaMont Jordan is literally working his tail off; he's down 20 lbs. from last year and has some more confidence-inspiring quotes. It sure sounds like he's really dedicated himself to the job this year...

DP - First-rounders still no-shows; Torain shines

NFL - Signing status of 2009 NFL Draft first-round picks
Almost half of the 1st-rounders have been signed, including Josh Freeman, who was selected just before Robert Ayers. So, hopefully this will help the Broncos along in Ayers' situation. However, there still remain 4 unsigned players between Darrius Heyward-Bey and Knowshon Moreno.


AP - Wiegmann misses talks with his slain coach

DB - Training Camp Underway - Broncos TV
Chris Hall reintroduces himself.

DP - A throwback on defense
As SWG has been telling us to expect for months, Legwold says the Broncos showed more of a 5-2 look yesterday.


CBS4 - Brandon Marshall Draws Cheers On Day 1 Of Denver Broncos Training Camp - Gary Miller

LTC - Broncos’ Bruton weathers career turns to play on - Brian Howell

LTC - Broncos going camping
Brian Howell previews camp

RMI - NFL camp has little spring in its training
Chris Tomasson compares training camp to spring training. Don't ask me why.

DP - Shanahan spotted in Pittsburgh
This is interesting. Shanny is visiting Stillers camp with Bob Slowik. Are they a package deal for Shanny's next gig? Could that really be possible?

KCS - Chiefs fans turn out to celebrate Derrick Thomas

KCS - Chiefs coach Haley satisfied with team’s condition at start of camp

KCS - Chiefs running back Johnson is once again a happy camper

SDUT - LT eager to prove 30 isn't the end of the line

SDUT - First-round pick English signs five-year deal with team

SI - JaMarcus Russell's development key for Oakland Raiders in 2009 - Jim Trotter

SFG - Raiders two-a-days: Hitting books, not each other

CCT - Javon Walker says he feels A-OK

NYT - Remembering Eagles’ Jim Johnson - Toni Monkovic

NFL - Camp tour: Rejuvenated Eagles ready to soar - Thomas George

SI - NFL training camps appear much different from sidelines - Ross Tucker

FOX - Childress burned by flirting with Favre - Alex Marvez

Y! - Campbell ready to move past rocky offseason - Charles Robinson

SI - Jason Campbell welcomes throngs of fans to Redskins training camp - Peter King

PFW - Manning-Polian: Time to rearm?

NFP - The hurdles to signing Vick - Andrew Brandt

PFW - Texans' Casey applies lessons learned in baseball

SI - Adrian Peterson driven, ready to move on - Don Banks

NFL - For an upstart league, AFL rivalries developed quickly

NFP - 2009 NFP scouting series: UTEP - Wes Bunting