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Denver Broncos Training Camp - 8/10 - Josh McDaniels Quotes

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On communication and other issues addressed by practicing at INVESCO Field at Mile High

"I wasn't worried about them. (It is) just the first time for our staff and for our staff to communicate those things with our players. They went through our pregame routine, substitution patterns, communication from the booth to the field and the field to the booth and (communication) from the coach to the quarterback. I think we feel pretty comfortable with everything. I am sure we will run into some sort of snag on Friday night. That normally happens your first time out, but I think everybody understands how we are going to run the sidelines and how we are going to run the game operations."

On RB Knowshon Moreno's conditioning

"I think he is in-he is not in the same condition the other 79 players are in right now because he has missed so much time, running, conditioning and work in pads, but he knows what to do. It is just a matter of him getting out there and getting those live reps."

On OLB/DE Jarvis Moss pressuring the quarterbacks

"He has got into the pocket quite a few times, but Jarvis is very capable of doing that all the time. He has got really good ability. Certainly, he is going to help us in the pass rush and can be a disruptive guy on the edge."

On T Ryan Harris' status

"I don't know that. He hasn't seen any doctors or anything like that. We will see how that goes once he sees some medical people."

On his philosophy on internal fights during training camp

"We don't want to hurt each other. We are not out here to try to hurt one another, and we, certainly, want to take care of our teammates. There is nothing more important to our team than the health of the players. (Tension) is a part of football. This is a physical, sometimes violent, game. You have emotions that run high and sometimes that happens. I think our guys have done a great job of-even when those things start up, they calm themselves down. We have good teammates that help squelch those kind of issues."

On how much the starters will play in Friday's preseason opener at San Francisco

"They are going to be ready to play the whole game. That is what the philosophy is and that is how we are going to prepare for the games in the preseason. We will determine as we go who needs more work or less work as we get into the game. We are going to prepare, starting tonight, with the scouting report. Our game plan is going to be put in. Like we are doing today, they have never been through a game plan. They have never been through a scouting report. They have never been through a game here. As many of those as we can get them before we actually start with the regular season games, we are going to try to do that. We are going to use these four preseason games to do just that."

On the game plan he will present to the Broncos prior to the San Francisco game

"It will be thorough. It will be-I wouldn't say not quite as large as a normal game plan will be, but again, we do not want to give them false expectations of what is going to happen in the regular season. The volume will be probably close to what it would be (in a regular season game), some of which we won't run and some of which we will just practice and prepare for. Again, we want to try to simulate as much real like-game experiences as we can for them right now."

On if his preseason philosophy matches what he experience in New England

"Everybody is ready to go and we got ready to play these games. These are not just scrimmages. They are a chance for you to actually go through and substitute, run the game the way you would run it (and) execute. I hope there are six or eight of these (situations) that come up in the game on Friday night, because then, we will get to actually go out there and see what we learned from all of these practices."


On TE Richard Quinn

"He is a very physical player. He is versatile, though, because he can run, he can catch (and) he can block, but he is a rookie. The hardest thing for those guys is they factor in to everything at tight end, the running game (and) the passing game. They have got to do a lot of work. It starts off the field, and he has got to be able to carry that on the field. It is coming together, just like some of the other rookies are, but it is a slower process. He is working his butt off, and he will get extensive playing time in the preseason, I am sure, just to see if we can bring him along a little further."

On how far ahead WR Jabar Gaffney is in the offensive learning curve

"Jabar has been a great help and of great assistance to our other players. I don't think there is much of a lag behind him anymore. This is 36 practices, now, since we started in the spring. These guys have heard all of these things a hundred times. Jabar can help in small ways because of his background and knowledge of our system, and Jabar does a great job when he is out there. He is a big factor in the red zone (and on) third down. He does a lot of different roles for us. He can play every (wide receiver) position. "Jabs" is very valuable, and he proves his value every day."

On if RB Knowshon Moreno will play in Friday's preseason game at San Francisco