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2009 Denver Broncos Training Camp - 8/11 Post-Practice Quotes - Josh McDaniels

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On if T Ryan Harris will play in the preseason opener Friday at San Francisco

"Absolutely. Nobody from this building said that (he was out). I wish that there was some accountability for what is written sometimes, because obviously, that story didn't come from within these walls. He is fine. (He had) no restrictions today at practice. Do with it what you want to do with it."

On if the veterans who didn't practice this morning will return this afternoon

"Some of them are getting treatment and those kinds of things. Some of the guys that weren't out here this morning, you will probably see this afternoon."

On DL Rulon Davis

"He works really hard off the field (and) on the field. He has got a great work ethic. Obviously, he has got a background that would lead you to believe that he would come in with that work ethic, and he hasn't disappointed us. He is in the middle of a heavy defensive line mix. We will see how he does in the preseason. With all of our players, they are going to be evaluated going forward in the games."

On using a scout team for San Francisco in this morning's practice

"It is exciting, I think. We started talking about San Francisco last night. We put some specific players in jerseys today to kind of simulate some of the things that (San Francisco) does. This is like a game week for them. Since we all haven't done this ever together, we are going to go through these four preseason games and try to simulate as many games, game situations and those kinds of things as much as we can. Everybody is excited. We are looking forward to the trip. Hopefully, we will get a lot out of it."

On RB Correll Buckhalter

"Buck, he is kind of like the rest of our backs. He has got a lot of versatility. He can, certainly, run the ball. He has got a great, great burst. (He) may be our fastest back. He probably is. We aren't ever going to time them and run them out here, but he is probably our fastest back. He is very good in pass protection, catches the ball very well (and) comes from a program where they don't accept anything other than winning. A lot of those things are very positive. Buck has been a great influence on some of our younger players. There is really nothing that disappoints you about Correll. He shows up every day ready to work."

On the nose tackles

"They are getting better every day. We have got a lot of people there. They are doing fine. They are getting better every day. It gets hot and sticky in there. There are a lot of things that happen real fast. You need to be on your toes, you need to be physical and you need to be able to play blocking schemes. They work on it every day. That is never an easy position to get accustomed to if you haven't played much of it before in a 3-4 type system. These guys are really getting acclimated to it in training camp, and the preseason will be great for them (to have) four games (and) four game-like situations for them to get an understanding of how that really works in there."

On why WR Brandon Marshall is on the second team on the initial depth chart

"That is not our depth chart. We don't have any starters right now. We have competition everywhere. The league mandates that we put out a roster for who is going to start in the first preseason game, and Brandon has a personal situation that he is going to attend to and won't be able to make that first preseason game. (WR) Jabar Gaffney is going to start in his place. It is very simple. There is nothing other than that to that entire story."

On QB Tom Brandstater's new haircut

"There are a lot of new ‘do's out there. That is just part of the fun of team building, and some of those rookies-the veterans and rookies had fun together. We have got a great group of guys and that is just part of the fun of training camp. You try to lighten it up as much as you can, and haircut day was yesterday, I guess. The veterans announced that last night. They had a lot of fun with it."

On starting three wide receivers on the initial depth chart

"It is hard to say, even though the (depth chart) says that. Our first play of the game, we might be in a two-tight end, one-receiver personnel grouping. If you wanted to call our base grouping a three-receiver grouping, which is probably what everybody would agree with around here and in the league, we try to be fair with what we are probably going to be in most, which is that grouping."

On the effects of the new rule disallowing wedge blocks on kickoff returns

"Well, you can still double team. I think, probably, that is what you are going to see happen in the league and start to be the in-vogue thing. It is probably going to have a few double teams on each play, where you are sending two (players) at one here and two at one somewhere else. We are only trying to get the movement that you would get from a wedge with a couple double teams. It puts a little bit more pressure on some of the blocking schemes, because you can't really send the returner behind a wall of four or five guys."

On the rule changes affecting kick returns

"Everybody is playing under the same set of rules. It is going to be interesting to see how much that changes the actual statistics in the return game in general. If the returns end up being lesser or greater because of it, we are not sure. I know we are working extremely hard to try to get comfortable with that. I am sure everybody in the league is facing the same challenge."