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Ryan Torain released after knee injury

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The Denver Broncos released RB Ryan Torain after he was diagnosed with a PCL sprain in his knee, Head Coach Josh McDaniels said after today's practice.  Torain, who has battled injuries throughout his college and pro career, was attempting to make the team despite the crowded backfield.

This is a sad situation, to be sure.  Torain has talent but his upright running style leaves his legs especially susceptible.  Mike Shanahan stuck with Torain last season after he dislocated his elbow, essentially leaving a roster spot open for him for 7 weeks.  Josh McDaniels isn't as forgiving, nor should he be.  The Broncos need 53 healthy bodies when the season opens. 

Here's hoping Torain finally gets healthy and can reach his potential.  It appears that won't happen in Denver, however.

One side-note.  The Broncos could bring Torain back should he clear waivers.  If that happens, the Broncos could place him on IR.

The team reportedly signed RB Marcus Thomas to take Torain's spot on the roster.