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Brandon Marshall found 'Not Guilty', time to play some football!

The verdict is in.  Brandon Marshall was found Not Guilty by a jury in Atlanta, GA of 2 counts misdemeanor battery involving his former girlfriend.  For Marshall, and for that matter, the Broncos, this brings to an end a saga that had been going on since March of last year, and hopefully a legal history for Marshall that has been going on since his college days at Central Florida.

My thoughts on this case, and Marshall's past, have been well documented.  I have also gone on record to say that I would let the judicial system takes its course.  It has, and Marshall has been cleared.  For me that is the end, or in better terms, a new beginning for Brandon Marshall the man, and Brandon Marshall the Denver Bronco.

With this behind us, we can focus on Marshall getting back on the football field for the Broncos, now and for the foreseeable future.  In my opinion this clears the way for the team and the player to work towards a new contract, if Marshall can prove he is healthy, of course.

Now we can focus on football.  Approximately 6 hours until kickoff.  Are You Ready For Some Football!?!?