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2009 Denver Broncos Training Camp - 8/16 Post-Practice Quotes - Josh McDaniels

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On his impressions after watching tape of the first preseason game

"We certainly made our share of mistakes, but there are some good things there that our players that are players are learning and grasping that we are trying to coach them to do. And there are certainly some things we saw Friday night (at San Francisco) that we need to coach better and they need to make those adjustments, and can eliminate a lot of the mistakes that happened on Friday night. So today was geared towards trying to correct some of the things we saw Friday night that our team did that we didn't like. And they see - there is light at the end of the tunnel in a lot of different areas, we just have to do a lot of little things right and clean them up.

On if QB Kyle Orton took too much heat after the game

"I don't know. I don't know. I didn't read anything, so I don't know how much heat he took. But he certainly made a few mistakes that we don't want him to make. And turning the ball over is never a good thing, but he also did plenty of good things on Friday night (at San Francisco) and ran the team effectively in a lot of ways. But we made some mistakes in the red area and on third down that hurt us. He's definitely got to do better than he did in terms of some of those situations he was in, but I think he has a great attitude and he understands what was wrong and he'll work hard to fix them."

On having two new running backs on the roster, and how they are adapting

"Just a crash course. (Running Backs Coach) Bobby Turner, give him credit for those guys being out here and being able to function in our system and in our offense. They know what to do enough so that we can put them in there. It happens. I've had to do it in my career too, when you're setting here at two in the morning trying to get the guy to understand some formations or plays. You do what you've got to do to make sure you get through camp healthy as much as you can, and sometimes that requires you to spend some late hours with some new guys."

On how WR Brandon Marshall looked returning to practice

"The tempo, you could see, wasn't 100 percent, full-speed today. But he knows what to do when he is in there and (he) made a few nice catches. The big thing today was more of a mental day and more of a focus and concentration (day), and understand what your assignments are and some of the little things. But he's caught up on that. He's a very smart player."

On if Marshall will play on Saturday at Seattle

"I hope so. Everybody that is out here, I'm hopeful will play plenty against the (Seattle) Seahawks."

On Marshall playing with the first team

"He's a good football player, so he's going to be getting (in) there. Like I said, as many talented, skilled players as we can put out there and put stress on the defense with, that's what we'll try and do."

On RB Knowshon Moreno's status

"I think he'll be all right. Whenever he gets back and he is ready to go, there will be plenty of practices left. We are just under a month now before the opener. He'll have plenty of time here to get caught up to speed. Mentally he's on top of things and he'll continue to be on top of things mentally, and then we've got to push late to get him going. I'm not concerned about it right now."

On adding running backs during camp

"It's a situation where you run into some injury issues and you've got to try and make sure you take care of your team the best you can so you make those decisions. Unfortunately, somebody goes and somebody comes."

"We're just trying to make sure that we take precaution. We've got fairly good health at this point in the preseason, which can sometimes be a rarity. We're fortunate that we've got some health at other positions, which allows us to do that and make sure that we don't run down the backs that we have left."

On if he'll readjust how much he plays players this week during practice

"Nope. We're rolling. We're rolling. We've got a lot of things to fix."