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2009 Denver Broncos Training Camp - 8/20 Post Practice Quotes - Josh McDaniels

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On what changes now that training camp is completed

"They don't have to sleep in the hotel. That is what they are happiest about. This is about the time of the year that you break, anyway, right before the second preseason game or shortly thereafter. I commend them on the way that they approached training camp and worked. They deserved to call it an end yesterday. We still came out here and had a normal day today. Our weekend trip is going to be just like it would be for games. We will start next week into our regular season game mode. I think that is the important thing, now, to start getting them to understand what is going to happen on a Wednesday, a Thursday (or) a Friday during the course of the season. That is why we chose to break camp now."

On evaluating training camp

"You are always looking for ways to improve, but I think our team knows how we want to play and works very hard at the things we want them to work at every day. They were very physical. We had four practices where we weren't in pads out of 26 or 25, whatever the number was. (They) never complained, understood how hard we want to work and the way we want to play, and I think that is what we really wanted to get out of it. There are a lot of things, obviously, that we could fix or improve from the first preseason game, but they have got the hang of it."

On if the Broncos have accomplished what he expected

"We haven't accomplished anything. We have worked hard to try to get better. That is the schedule we are on. If we ever feel like that schedule stops, we are going to be in trouble. We have to try to get better every day. We have got a younger football team. We have got a newer group of people that are together. Hopefully, our expectations are that we can continue to improve the entire year. I don't think we are going to see our peak for awhile here. Every day is a day we have a chance to get better, and that is what we are approaching it as."

On K Matt Prater's status

"He is fine. He will be alright. It wasn't anything big with Prater. He will be on the trip (to Seattle)."

On S Brian Dawkins' and WR Brandon Marshall's status

"We haven't sat down-we are going to sit down here in a little bit and talk about how long we are going to play whom and how that is all going to factor out. Certainly, everybody out here on the practice field is just trying to get ready to go and play in the game. We are looking forward to that, too."

On RB Peyton Hillis' style of play

"He is the kind of guy that plays the way-he is kind of an older-school type of guy in terms of being hardnosed. Everything he does is that way, you are right. Physical fits him. Tough fits him. (He) plays smart. He plays a lot of different positions on our team. He has got very versatile skills. Those are the things we look for in all our players, and Peyton seems to be one of the few that it all comes naturally to him. That is just the way he is. He is a great guy to have on your team, a great teammate. We are fortunate to have him on our team."

On QB Kyle Orton's performance this week after a tough game

"He made a lot of-he didn't have a tough game. He made a couple bad decisions. He got better every day, had a heck of a practice yesterday and continues to get better every day. That is the way Kyle is, and (QB) Chris (Simms) has done the same thing. Neither one of them is where I want them to be, ultimately. That is a process that doesn't happen in two weeks. It is going to happen over time. They are no different than any other player on our team. They have got to get better just like (the other players) do."

On playing quarterback for his father

"It is tough. He sets the bar higher than maybe some other coaches would for you. Those expectations are probably the way it should be for somebody who knows you like the back of your hand. It was a great experience to play for my father. I know some people look at that and frown upon it, but it was something I learned a lot about and learned a lot from it. I cherish it. It has made me a lot better person and a lot better player when I was younger, having to deal with that every day at the dinner table."