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Preseason Week #3 - Post-Practice Press Conference - Josh McDaniels

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On dividing carries amongst the running backs
"They will all be ready to play, and I think they will all play-I wouldn't say evenly, but they are all going to get in there and they are all going to do some things. Whoever is healthy and ready to go, they are all going to play. Certainly, we don't have enough depth right now at that spot to just sit there and say, ‘We are going to hold these two until the next week,' or what have you. We expect them all to play. They are all getting repped in the (practice) periods. How it all ultimately divvies up on Sunday night, I am not exactly sure, but they will all be in there."
On RB Knowshon Moreno's status
"I don't want to put a date or anything on it, but I think he is working really hard to do everything he can every day to get back on the field as soon as possible. I think everything is going as planned, and hopefully, that will be sooner rather than later."
On the frustration of players not being able to practice
"That is football. We are going to have that all year long. There are going to be guys that miss practice every day of the year. I'll tell you this, the guys that are out here and the coaches that are out here are coaching the players that are on the field, and that is the hand you are dealt sometimes in this league. We are going to play with who we have, and we expect to win with who we have."


On hiring Special Teams Coordinator Mike Priefer
"I have coached against him a couple times, and he worked for (New York Giants Head Coach) Tom Coughlin in New York. I know his father very well. His father is from John Carroll (University), and I kind of met him years and years ago when I was younger and just kind of kept up a relationship with Mike through the years that he has been in the NFL. I have always liked kind of the style of special teams that (Priefer's teams) played: aggressive, not fancy but very disciplined. I thought that was something that we would gravitate towards here in Denver. He is doing a great job right now, and we are looking forward to working with him for a long time."
On changes he expected Priefer to make on special teams
"It is not the same getting special-teams units ready when you play a 3-4 system on defense and you play a multiple-receiver system on offense. There is a challenge, inherently, in that type of a set up because you have less smaller linebackers that can cover, and you have more smaller receivers on offense that can't run down there on the kickoff team. He knew those challenges coming into it. He accepted that. We wanted to try to get a physical unit that would go down there and be aggressive in every phase of our kicking game. He is trying hard to get that accomplished, and we are making strides in a lot of areas of the kicking game. Hopefully, we can view that on Sunday."
On if S Brian Dawkins is expected to play against Chicago on Sunday
"Like I said yesterday, hopefully, everybody who is out here will play and definitely get some time on Sunday night. (I am) looking forward to Brian being a part of that."
On the need for the secondary to play together in the preseason
"They have practiced a ton together. I know (Dawkins) missed a little time there with the hand, but they practiced most of the spring together and then again a bunch in training camp. I think the important part is that they communicate and feel comfortable with each other, and then they carry it over to Sunday. They should be out there on Sunday and hopefully, show well together."