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Brandon Marshall to explain himself(I think) on NFL Live

Let the damage control begin.  By now we have all seen the embarrassing video of Brandon Marshall's supposed "practice" habits.  Marshall is shown walking during a team stretching drill, kicking a ball away from the ballboys and worse yet, simply slapping the ball away during receiving drills.  I talked at length on MHR Radio tonight about Marshall and the fact that we now know he is simply quitting on his teammates.

I also talked about how this is the absolute worst thing he could possibly do, get caught being disgruntled ON the football field for all 32 teams to see.  I'm sure his agent, Kennard McGuire(who is out of the country) called the second he saw the video to explain to Marshall how awful that makes him look.

Marshall has gotten the message.

Tonight at 12:30 AM est / 9:30 PM pst Marshall will join Trey Wingo on NFL Live on ESPN to explain "his bizarre practice behavior/future as a Bronco"  To me, that future right now should involve a trip to the PUP list for the first 6 weeks, followed by a nice and sweet 4-game suspension.  Sure, the NFLPA will appeal, which will take some more time, which by then the season will be nearly over.  I know, not the way they will likely handle it, but it doesn't get much worse than what we saw on the video.

Whether Marshall forgot that the first 30 minutes of practice is observed, or frankly didn't care, he has made a critical mistake in his PR battle with the Broncos.  People will still find a way to blame the team, or the coach, but the video speaks for itself.

It was a big deal last week, it's a big deal now, at least until we hear directly from Marshall later this evening.  Stay tuned!