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Horse Tracks 8/3/09 - BMarsh tweaks hip or hamstring; Jarvis hopefully returning today

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DB - Making Moves - Gray Caldwell
Tim Crowder is down to 258 lbs for his switch to OLB/DE and working hard. Meanwhile, Marcus Thomas spoke to his buddy Jarvis Moss and says he'll be back at practice today. While Josh McDaniels and Brian Dawkins both say Alphonso Smith has much to learn, they are both clearly excited about Smith's playmaking skills.

DB - Day 3: A.M. Blog - Chris Gentilviso
Great news from McDaniels, as he said Nic Clemons did not suffer a serious injury on Saturday. Meanwhile, BMarsh left practice with an apparent hip issue and Vernon Fox is already back practicing. As Mets announcer/former star Keith Hernandez loves to say, the Broncos are focusing on their "fundies," or fundamentals. Good to hear/read.

DB - Day 3: P.M. Blog - Zach Eisendrath
The Broncos worked on some trick plays last night, including fake punts, direct snaps and end arounds.

DP - Broncos WR Marshall sits out because of hip - Mike Klis
Hopefully any soreness will help bring BMarsh to reality; he's not 100%, he's not ready for the season, and he's not ready for a big payday.

ESPN - Outside the Lines with Josh McDaniels
Ed Werder shares plenty of insight on the Broncos' coach, from the senior McDaniels, Bill Belichick, Pat Bowlen and Josh himself. Plus, Jay Cutler says it wasn't just about the trade rumors...$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

NFL - Signing status of 2009 NFL Draft first-round picks
Still 4 unsigned players between DHB and Knowshon (Thanks, Al). Not sure what's holding up Ayers, though...

DB - Day 3: McDaniels - Broncos TV

DB - Day 3: Transcript - Josh McDaniels

DB - Day 3: Hillis - Broncos TV

DB - Day 3: Crowder - Broncos TV

DB - Day 3: Play of the Day - Broncos TV
WR Kenny McKinley tips a pass to himself

DP - Broncos' Moss set to rejoin team - Lindsay Jones

DP - Krieger: Plenty riding on rookie corner

DP - Wiegmann won't get "tired" after offseason routine
Casey Wiegmann added an unconventional exercise to his offseason. Also, he says players were nervous about passing the conditioning test which kicked off camp.

9NEWS - Broncos fullback shows he's still a bone-rattler

DP - Bio: Darcel McBath

DP - Looking for lock down
Legwold says it's all about stopping the run for Denver's D.

CSG - Broncos outside linebackers learning as they go - Frank Schwab

CSG - McDaniels lightens team's load in evening practice
Frank Schwab's notes from Sunday's practices

IDT - Day 3 of Denver Broncos training camp
Hunter Ansley was impressed by Tim Crowder, Peyton Hillis and Kyle Orton.

DP - Long orange line leads to Logan - Dusty Saunders
Apparently, there's still confusion about who will be working with Dave Logan.

SDUT - At 33, Williams knows his career is on borrowed time

SDUT - Safety Gregory makes strong impression on first day in pads

SDUT - Blond ambition

SDUT - Chiseled Gates hit the weights

KCS - Cassel making himself at home with the Chiefs

KCS - Chiefs buzz | Three veterans back on the field

SFG - Ellis not too old to get the QB

SFG - Raiders Silver and Black Blog : Sunday p.m. update

SFG - Raiders Silver and Black Blog : Are we there yet?

NFL - Patriots, Brady looking to bounce back into playoffs in 2009 - Pat Kirwan

CBS - Belichick's play-fake with Vick ingenious - Mike Freeman

Y! - One more shot for Mason, Ravens - Charles Robinson

SI - Joe Flacco is in complete command at Ravens training camp - Ross Tucker

SI - Health key to Seahawks rebounding in Jim Mora Jr.'s first year - Jim Trotter

ESPN - Camp Confidential: All quiet for Vikings ... for now

ESPN - Camp Confidential: Surprise in Cincinnati?

ESPN - Chris Mortensen has observations on the New Orleans Saints during his bus tour

Y! - White holdout could have ripple effects - Jason Cole

NFP - Sunday at the Post - Mike Lombardi