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Horse Tracks 8/30/09 - Broncos vs. Bears tonight; Matt Cassel injured as rest of AFC West loses

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Good Morning, MHR Friends! Well, tonight's the big night - the Broncos' first home preseason game, the Denver debuts of Brian Dawkins and Russ Hochstein, and something about a QB coming back to town. Let's just hope for a relatively mistake-free and healthy game from our boys. I assume this is obvious, but my short game summaries are obviously not based upon watching most of them; they're from perusing articles and box scores. I don't expect to be giving you much insight on Mondays - Ted will be doing that on Tuesdays!

On another note, I'm not going to be available for tomorrow's MHR fantasy draft. Rather than go into the season with an auto-drafted team, I will instead hand my team off to whomever here wants it. My spot has the 10th-overall choice in the 20-team league, so the draft position is pretty good. Ownership of the team go to the first commenter today to claim it. Best of luck!

Go Broncos!

DB - A Closer Look: Broncos vs. Bears - Gray Caldwell

DB - Matchup: Broncos vs. Bears - Broncos TV
Chris Hall previews tonight's game. The players are happy to see lots of action, understanding that the learning curve is still steep for them.

DP - Bowlen won't be chairman of bored tonight - Mike Klis
Klis takes Pat Bowlen's temperature on his Broncos and sets out five goals for tonight's game.

DP - Krieger: One mirror image for McD to avoid
Krieger hopes Josh McDaniels didn't make the same mistake Bill Belichick may have made upon his arrival in Cleveland many years ago. I know some folks can't stand Krieger, but give this column a chance. IMO it's pretty well-reasoned and he makes some interesting points, without the arrogance of saying McDaniels will definitely fail with Kyle Orton. There are a couple of comparisons I don't love (McDaniels is quite different from the other Belichick coordinators, and I'm not sure Joe Montana and Steve Young are HOFers without Bill Walsh.) But it's a good column which makes you think...

DP - Klis: Bowlen's stock dropping - Mike Klis
Klis considers the Broncos' financial situation and gets Bowlen's take on the CBA.

CSG - Cutler at Mile High tonight puts all our hate to one place - David Ramsey

DP - Good-hands guys will get the call on special teams - Jeff Legwold
Mike Priefer says fumblers will not be keeping return jobs for long.

LTC - Marshall choosing wrong path - Brian Howell

AP - For Josh McDaniels And Jay Cutler, Sunday Night May Be Too Soon - Arnie Stapleton

CSG - Bears-Broncos: Three things to look for - Frank Schwab

CSG - About face of franchise quarterback - Frank Schwab

DP - Cutler turning over new leaf in Windy City
Kiszla responds to emails

DP - Some angry Bronco fans prep for Jay Day - Lindsay Jones

NFL Results

NFL - Seattle Seahawks 14 at Kansas City Chiefs 10
Matt Cassel left immediately with an undisclosed leg injury after being sacked from behind. No matter what comes of his injury, the Chefs can't afford to trade Tyler Thigpen away, considering their porous O-line. If Cassel isn't seriously hurt now, he will be shortly...

NFL - San Diego Chargers 24 at Atlanta Falcons 27
Phil Rivers and Matt Ryan were both in fine form, while Gartrell Johnson showed that the Dolts have a very deep and talented backfield.

NFL - New Orleans Saints 45 at Oakland Raiders 7
Drew Brees and Jokeland are both in mid-season form; I watched a bit on the Network, and it will be quite a surprise if the Broncos don't beat the Raiders twice this year...

NFL - Tennessee Titans 17 at Cleveland Browns 23
Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson both made strong bids for the Brownies' starting job, while Vince Young turned it over twice.

NFL - Buffalo Bills 0 at Pittsburgh Steelers 17
Big Ben and Rashard Mendenhall both played well. As for the Bills, it's never good to get shut out. Even in the preseason.

NFL - Indianapolis Colts 17 at Detroit Lions 18
Culpepper and Stafford were sharp for the Lions, while Peyton was his usual self.

NFL - New York Jets 27 at New York Giants 25
Mark Sanchez showed some progress, while the Giants' first-team passing game struggled in a big way. Rookie WR Hakeem Nicks did have a huge second half, so perhaps Jerry Reese won't be calling Denver for Brandon Marshall...

NFL - San Francisco 49ers 20 at Dallas Cowboys 13
Roy Williams did not play, while Shaun Hill didn't exactly inspire a ton of confidence as the Niners' starting QB.

NFL - Baltimore Ravens 17 at Carolina Panthers 13
Joe Flacco was spectacular, while the Ravens' first-team D shut out the Panthers.

AFC West News

KCS - Cassel leaves because of injury in Chiefs’ 14-10 loss to the Seahawks - Kent Babb

KCS - Chiefs’ Thigpen shows he’s no Gannon - Jason Whitlock

KCS - Rookie Jackson contributes to Chiefs’ defense - Adam Teicher

KCS - Lelie stakes his claim as a wide receiver - Randy Covitz
What a shame. Ed Reed, anyone????

KCS - Still nothing special about Chiefs’ special teams - Randy Covitz

KCS - Chiefs blitz: A look at the good, the bad and the ugly - Kent Babb

SDUT - Chargers reap payoff of planning - Kevin Acee

SDUT - Forney, Vasquez in right-guard battle - Kevin Acee

SFC - Raiders' coach in loss: 'This is embarrassing' - David White

SFG - Raiders Silver and Black Blog : Surveying the damage - David White

CCT - Cable: 'I'm embarrassed' - Steve Corkran

NFL News

NFL - Morris picks Leftwich to be Bucs' starting QB; McCown is No. 2

NFL - Back problems force 49ers OT Smith to retire after nine seasons

NFL - Niners' Lee hits Cowboys Stadium's giant video boards during warmups
I wonder how many times this will happen during regular-season games...

NFL Opinion

NFP - Sunday at the Post - Mike Lombardi
Lombardi is removing BMarsh from his list of blue-chip players.

NFP - Weekend notes: the Packers are rolling - Matt Bowen

FOX - Preseason points: Rodgers has Packers' O rolling - Ed Thompson

NFL - Jets hoping Sanchez's performance a glimpse of greatness to come - Thomas George