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Pre-Season Game #3 - Chicago Bears at Denver Broncos - Pre-Game and 1st Quarter Open Thread

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Windycity_m_mediumFor a look at the game from the Bears perspective, check out WindyCityGridiron Windycity_m_medium

Ok, so everyone will make this out to be bigger than it is. A Pre-Season game. I'm saying it right now so no matter what happens, win or lose, you know where i stand. This is a media game, pure and simple. Jay Cutler and Kyle Orton will not make one play against each other so the Orton Vs. Cutler talk is ridiculous. This game is all about teams trying to get better as we head into the regular season.

There will be open threads for each quarter tonight, so be sure to head on over to the next thread when applicable. It is going to be a wild and crazy night!!!

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