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Fear the Orange! Broncos will wear Alternative Jersey twice in 2009

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The Mustard and Brown jerseys reappear on October 11th against New England.
The Mustard and Brown jerseys reappear on October 11th against New England.

Perhaps the question I get asked the most is when the Broncos plan on wearing the orange jersey.  It is probably the one thing Broncos fans would change(other than the name of Invesco Field).  With the AFL's 50th Anniversary going on this season as well, meaning the Broncos will be wearing the vertical socks, I was curious to see if the orange jerseys would still be in the plans(Mike Shanahan wasn't a fan of the orange unis).

Well, rest assured that the Broncos will be wearing Orange this year, twice to be exact.

First off, the Broncos will wear the Mustard and Brown unis once this season - October 11th against the New England Patriots.

Then, the orange alternative(read 3rd jersey) will be word on two occasions - October 4th against Dallas and November 9th against Pittsburgh - a Monday Night affair.

As Jim Saccomano tells us in his blog -

This is the greatest variety ever worn by the Broncos at home. A quick analysis of the dates shows that the Broncos will not wear the blue jerseys at home for two regular season games in a row until the November 22 game vs. the San Diego Chargers and the Thanksgiving Day game against the New York Giants four days later.

The referees will also get into the action against the Patriots -

Not to be outdone, the game officials that day will be wearing what the AFL officials wore at that time, which means there will still be an orange uniform on the playing field. The officials’ shirts for all AFL throwback games are white and orange striped.