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Broncos scrimmage set for Invesco Field Tonight!

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You know God is a Broncos fan because the sunset is Orange and Blue!
You know God is a Broncos fan because the sunset is Orange and Blue!

If you are anywhere in or around the Denver area, be sure to head out to Invesco Field for tonight's open workout.  The Broncos will be working out under the lights of the home field, giving fans a first hand look at what the new-look Broncos are getting done at Training Camp.

Coach Josh McDaniels has said the workout will try to simulate as much as possible a real game situation. 

"(There will be) a lot of teamwork (and) coaches off of the field in the booth, so we are going to simulate, as much as we can, a game-type setting and scenario for our players and staff because we haven't done this together yet. We don't want the first time that it happens to be in San Francisco. (There are) a lot of exciting things to go into practice tomorrow. There will be some live contact and hitting.

"We are all looking forward to going down there. Usually during this time of training camp, you get rejuvenated by going down there, putting the lights on and being in the stadium. It is a fun thing for all of us. Everybody is looking forward to it, and I hope there is a good turnout. I hope we put on a good show."

Below is some key information if you are planning on attending.  If you are, take some notes and pictures and share with the rest of us!!

* - The practice will run from 6-8 p.m., and gates to the stadium will be open at 5:30 p.m.

* - Admission and parking are free. The South Lots of the facility will be open for parking.

* - Seating for the practice is general admission. Fans will be directed to the seating areas of the stadium that will be open.

* - The Broncos will practice in full pads, and the session will include several ‘live' periods.

* - All players will sign autographs for fans after the practice.

* - There will be a limited T-Shirt giveaway for fans.