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2009 Denver Broncos Training Camp - 8/6 Scrimmage Quotes - Josh McDaniels

On hosting a practice at INVESCO Field at Mile High

"Our team was excited, obviously, to come out here, and the people really turned out well. I don't know how many people were here, but I think it was more than some people anticipated back in Dove Valley. It was great. We needed to do this. We had a lot of kinks we needed to work out here on the sidelines with the communication, and then (we) got a lot of things we wanted to work on out on the field done. (There are) still a lot of things to fix, but we are making progress in a lot of areas. The sidelines and game day communication are just (a few) of them."

On if he was surprised by the crowd's reactions to the Broncos' miscues

"No, that is just football. It is the National Football League and that is what people do. They will cheer you when you should be cheered, and boo you when you should be booed. I have been around for a while, and I understand that it is going to happen. It doesn't surprise me, and it doesn't disappoint me."

On his reaction to QB Kyle Orton's play

"First of all, the defense made some good plays. The good thing about that is-I learned a long time ago that as a head coach, you never have a good practice when you practice offense versus defense, because somebody is always going to make a good play, and then the other side is on the other end of it.

"There were a lot of mistakes made tonight (on) both sides. Kyle, obviously, made a couple. He certainly wasn't alone. We will go back to work tomorrow morning and fix what is wrong."

On Orton's overall performance throughout camp

"He is fine. Kyle is progressing every day. (He has) a great attitude and understands the system. Again, there are a lot of people that have got to improve in what they are doing with their job. When they do, that is how team football works on any side of the ball. We are looking forward to getting better here the next three or four weeks."

On if any individual performance stood out tonight

"No, not really. (CB) André Goodman, obviously, made a couple nice plays in the secondary, but you never really want to comment about standouts here. We will watch the tape tomorrow morning and take a look at who played well and who didn't. Everybody has got things to fix."

On the positives and negatives of the first week of training camp

"Our team knows how we want to play. That is definitely a big positive. (We want to play) physical. Every day we have been in pads, and they understand that, have accepted it and they want it. They want to get better every day.

"(There is) nothing that I am calling negative. At this point in training camp, I don't think anybody is ready to play in the regular season yet. That is what we have the preseason for and training camp. We have got a long way to go in every phase. Hopefully, we will be a much improved football team come September."

On his comfort level with the offensive line

"It is great having those guys back. The communication up front is very good, usually. Yet, they still have work to do to get to the level that they want to be playing at in September and that we want them to be playing at. It is great to have them back. They are a comfort level for the offense, and they make a lot of people's jobs simpler. Again, we are pushing them just as much as we are pushing everybody else."

On K Matt Prater's missed field goal attempts

"I have confidence in Matt Prater. He has made a whole lot of kicks, too. We will see and evaluate every player in the preseason as they go through. If something would be better for the football team at any position, we are certainly going to evaluate the players on this team and make the decisions based on what is best going forward."

On S David Bruton competing with the first-team defense

"He knows what to do and has done a lot of things. He is versatile, smart and fast. He knows our defense to the point where if you put him out there, you don't feel as if the wheels are going to come off. (It is) the same with (S) Darcel McBath and (S) Vernon Fox. There are a lot of guys out there getting reps, some with the first team and some with the second team. We are all getting work now. David has earned those (reps), and he is trying to take advantage on every one of them.

On how the defense is coming together

"I think that we have some disruptive players, certainly. (OLB/DE) Darrell Reid, (OLB/DE) Elvis (Dumervil) and (OLB/DE) Jarvis (Moss), hopefully, that group will be able to create some problems in terms of pass protection and pass rush. They certainly were in the backfield too much for an offensive player's liking tonight, but certainly as the head coach, you like to see that kind of style. Again, we were aggressive tonight on defense. We knew we would (be aggressive) coming into tonight. We wanted to try to go ahead and get into the backfield and pressure, and we did that. We have got to work on it offensively."

On RB Knowshon Moreno's contract situation

"I don't know the difference between close and far away right now. The only thing that I am waiting on is-as soon he signs, you will all know it. That hasn't happened yet, so we will see."

On if Moreno will come to Dove Valley to sign his contract

"As soon as he signs, we will all know at the same time."

On his reaction to the number of fans in attendance

"(It was a) great turnout. This is a football city, and they certainly didn't disappoint us tonight. They had great enthusiasm and energy. They are the kind of people that you want to come out and play well for every week. Hopefully, we will do that. It was exciting. This is something that will want to make us come back and do this every training camp."