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Broncos at Bengals - Potent Quotables - 9/11/09 - Josh McDaniels

**Courtesy of the Broncos Public Relations Department

On seeing the results of preseason efforts

"(We are) very excited. I think we have a better idea, probably, than everybody outside of this building of what we think we are going to put out there, but there is always a little bit of uncertainty before you get out there opening day. You want to get out there and get the butterflies out of the way and start playing football and trying to execute the way you need to. I think our entire team and all of our staff are excited for Sunday, just looking forward to the opportunity of playing a real game."

On preparing for his first game as a head coach

"This is kind of what we are all used to, calling the game and making decisions to try and help your team win. I am sure there will be some high emotion on Sunday, not only just me, but I am sure everybody that is there will feel the same way. We feel like we are kind of starting our journey here with our team, a new team, and see how far we can take it."

On QB Kyle Orton's performance in practice wearing a glove on his throwing hand

"He has handled it great. He is a tough guy. It is an unfortunate injury to have as a quarterback, but he has dealt with it fine and hasn't complained about it at all and gone out there and gone about his business on Sunday."

On if Orton will start at Cincinnati on Sunday

"We are not going to name that until we go through practice today and make sure-with all the players it is the same boat. We are going to use today again to evaluate their progress and where they are at in terms of their rehabilitation and how effective they can be on the field on Sunday."

On having the team closer to full health

"It is always a good thing to have everybody available and able to go in there and contribute. We talked about it a lot this week. We are going to need contributions from everybody. You saw a lot of cramping last night in the first game of the season, and with the weather being in the 80s and hot, we don't have six, eight or 10 guys deep at every position. We are going to need everybody to play. We are going to need everybody to play well. It is exciting to have as many healthy bodies as you can. There are not too many times during the year where you have that, and we would love for everybody to go into the first game healthy, but where we are at is where we are at, and we are looking forward to it."

On a specific moment he is excited to experience in his first game as a head coach

"I don't think there is one thing. There are a lot of one-time things that you do on gameday. You address the squad in the morning meeting. You address the squad before you go out and play. You address the offense and defense separately. You talk to your staff. You go out there and you listen to the national anthem and probably have a flyover. Those kinds of things are all one-time events on opening day. Each one of them is exciting in its own way. Each one requires some type of preparation, and I am sure each one will bring with it a little bit of a different emotion. I don't think there is one thing, but there are a lot of one-time things that I am going to be looking forward to doing on Sunday."

On addressing the Broncos before Sunday's game at Cincinnati

"You have to think about those things, and I have definitely put some thought into that. At that point in time, there is not a whole lot left (to say.) We put in a lot of work, a lot of time and a lot of preparation, and we know what we need to do. We know what we need to do, and hopefully our guys will be ready to meet the challenge."

On the Broncos' improvement from the first preseason game to today

"You are always building and you always hope that you continue to improve the entire season, which is where we are at now. I feel comfortable with where we are at. I feel comfortable that (the players) know what we are asking them to do to win the game on Sunday. That is the most important thing: that they understand and we understand what we are asking of them. We are going to go out there and play this game the way that we feel we need to play it and not hold anything back."

On the week of practice leading up to the game at Cincinnati on Sunday

"(It was a) very productive week, very productive last 10 days here. That productivity hopefully doesn't stop right now. We have got another practice, we have got some more meetings, we have got more film to watch and just to get locked in on every little detail we can before the game."

On if coaching Sunday's game is a big moment in his life

"I would be lying if I (said) it was no different. It is going to be a little different, and I am excited about it. I have been through a lot of opening days in different roles, and you have got that nervous, anxious energy that you can't wait to get out there and get started, which is what I am sure I will have on Sunday, but I think everybody in the locker room and every coach that is going to coach on Sunday will have the same feeling. I hope it is a special experience for our team and our organization, and to win on Sunday would be a great experience for all of us."

On WR Brandon Marshall's mindset

"I don't want to talk about what his mindset is. That is for him, but he has had a good week of practice. He has practiced hard and is doing everything that we are asking him to do. We are excited about the opportunity to put all those guys on the field together."

On preparing for the expected humidity in Cincinnati

"We have talked to them since Tuesday about putting down as much water and as much Gatorade and those kinds of things as they possibly can, but don't want until Friday night or Saturday to start doing it. If you are hydrated properly, hopefully you can prevent (cramps), but you cannot wait until too long in the process to start doing that. Usually, you see about 50 out of the 53 guys with a bottle of water or Gatorade or multiple waters walking around the facility, which is good because the more they can put down between now and Sunday starting Tuesday or Wednesday this week, the better chance that we are not going to get into a cramping situation like happened last night (in the Tennessee-Pittsburgh game)."

On if Cincinnati has an advantage practicing in their heat

"We're going to play in different climates most of the year. I think as long as our players approach it the right way and do what we're asking them to do physically, medically and take care of their bodies and prepare their bodies for what we're going into, usually you get away with no problems."

On if cramping is more of a problem on opening day

"Maybe because the weather is so different. Your changing climates, but it's also hot and humid."