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Brandon Marshall meets with the media, things get 'Lippy'

So you want to be in the media, covering the Denver Broncos?  Hell, it could be any team, but for us it is all about the Broncos.  NFL Media Regulations require players to be available to the media once a week. Brandon Marshall declined requests last week, his first week back after his suspension.  Something had to give, right?

Today, it did.

Marshall met with the media for two minutes.  What happens next is chronicled by Frank Schwab of the Colorado Springs Gazette -

So, Brandon, did you have any making up to do with your teammates upon your return?

"This week, in preparing for Cleveland, it’s going to be tough and we know that," Marshall said. "We’re going to do our best to give it our best shot."

So how close are you to being back to your Pro Bowl form?

"I think Coach (Eric) Mangini is doing a great job with the guys, getting them to do what they’re supposed to do, doing their job, and it’s making it tough on opposing offenses," Marshall said.

The only time Marshall spoke directly to a question was when he said he was completely healthy. Marshall had hip surgery in the offseason and missed a couple of weeks of training camp with a hamstring injury.

"I think I was 100 percent a long time ago," Marshall said.

After a public relations staffer announced that there was one more question before the locker room was closed, Marshall decided he didn’t have time for another answer.

"All right," Marshall said, walking away after the question was done.

At one point, CBS4's Gary Miller actually asked Marshall if he had heard the previous question, prompting CBS4 counterpart Vic Lombardi to Tweet the following - 

Gary Miller just got into a lippy exchange with Brandon Marshall in the lockerroom...frankly, made me uncomfortable.

Then this -

Gary wants me to say it wasn't lippy...just contentious...or maybe that's too strong a word as well...awkward?

Schwab's reaction??

... at least it was better than "Next question."

Yes, good times indeed.