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Your Call - Brandon Marshall for David Harris and a 3rd-Round Pick

You've heard the reports, you've seen the Tweets. The Broncos have reportedly let the New York Jets know that any deal for Brandon Marshall would require the inclusion of ILB David Harris. Harris, a former 2nd-round pick from Michigan, has been a solid starter for the Jets and would instantly unseat Andra Davis as the inside backer next to D.J. Williams. The Broncos defense would get younger and more athletic.

The reports have also said the deal could include a 3rd-round pick as well, providing the Broncos the chance to acquire more talent in the 2010 Draft.

The downside? Trading a dynamic young Wide Receiver who could be entering the prime of his career. Of course, we all know the baggage. Brandon Marshall has practiced just a handful of times since the Pro Bowl in February and admittedly has no clue what is going on in the playbook. Even if Marshall changes his attitude and returns this weekend a new man, how long would it be before he could contribute?

He is coming off two different off-seasons of serious injuries and there is all of the off-field risk as well. Did I mention he likely wants a new contract somewhere in the neighborhood of 7 years / $50 million??

All of those things have to be accounted for, so I ask you Broncos Country -